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Subject: Re: light balls
From: "josee chelkoff" <josee.chelkoff@...>
Date: 10 Mar 2002 08:07

Hello Fritz and everyone,

Right, "g" is  -in French - 'l'accélération de la pesanteur'and I suppose
everybody remembers from school years what does 1/2gt2 refer to and
Galileo's experiences dropping objects from the top of Pisa Tower.
I did not invent the term 300G, I just repeated what our expert said.
I am not a scientist but an egyptologist even though I have always been
interested in sciences and especially in astronomy (I have belonged to a
club for over 20 years) I see that there are among you, fellows at least one
ingeneer and I am sure there are many more engineers or scientists   and
one of you  could explain , much better than I'd do, what does the unit "g"
refer to and why  "g" is used when a body is launched or apparently "self
launched". Besides, being French it's a little hard for me to give
scientific explanations using the proper English words in a language which
is not the tongue I used in school while studying scientific matters.
Best regards,
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Subject: Re: [mysterylights] Re: light balls

> Hello Josee,
> Isn't "G" a unit of force (not speed)? 1G being the force of
> gravity exerted on a body at rest?
> Best regards,
> Frits Westra
> On 9th March 2002, "josee chelkoff" <josee.chelkoff@...> wrote:
>   >And as far as I know,  a speed of 300G can hardly be
>   >explained in such instance within our scientific knowledge !
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