Mysterylights Group Message 0136

Subject: Re: questions
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 10 Mar 2002 02:03

Hi Erol

> finally I am across very serious question.

Actually Erol, my 6 questions to you were all serious.
You never aswered them , so I have to assume they are data free 
assumptions, based on beliefs. ;)
A real scientist would answer all questions that are put to him 
"parts you are interested are below,but if you are interested  in 
detailed parts I can explain again ."

Great,I can ask some more serious questions then?
Of all the instruments below, which ones have your group used,in the 
field, and recorded phenomena.
Which pages are the results of your video/film records on.?
The shots I am looking at are all referred to as "amateur video 
>   tuvpo
>   "Height from ground : approximately 540 meters

How was the height worked out from a single video source,did you 
cross check with other video/witnesses etc.?
>   Source : amateur videos sent to the television
>   Approximate size of ALP : 35 cubic meters
>   Approximate ALP radiation : 10,000 kelvin"
how was the size worked out/radiation worked out from amateur video 



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