Mysterylights Group Message 0131

Subject: A.L.P for T.U.V.P.O
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 09 Mar 2002 11:06


"> If you still don't understand,"

Anomalous= "departing from the common rule:not conforming to what is 
Light= "That by which we see,form of radiant energy"
Phenomena= "re phenomenon, anything appearing or observed."
The World dictionary + Australian Contemporary Dictionary.
You are more than welcome to present you own "translation"
of A.L.P
> " please ask your list moderator or visit  here:"
English is my native language.A  decent english -Turkish dictionary
will have these common words.
> snip
"ps: I can not find your name in links ? (hessladen or .... )"
How odd!
Since I dont have a home page/never stated there was a link at that 
address, why would there be a link.
The link you sent to "help me"
> >
THIS HAS THE HESSDALEN  information/pages etc that I was referring 
to.The EXACT information I gave out.
All clear now.  :)


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