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Subject: Re: light balls
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 09 Mar 2002 10:59

> I realized that in  your ALP terminology you use the term " 
Its not my terminology.I think It might have started back in 
deveraux`s time.I think I used the term light,in all my posts.
 not "lightning".If I used the word lightning, then it was a typo.
Also, Anomalous Luminous Phenomena etc, which is virtually the same 
Earth lights, Spooklights, Ghost lights, Mystery lights, Nocturnal 
lights, min-min lights, Cemetery lights, Treasure lights, Night suns, 
Foo fighters, Fiery dragons, Luminous vapours, Fiery coruscations, 
Burning shields, Fiery drakes, Devil's bonfires, Amber gamblers, 
Strange lightning, Mysterious flares, Ghostly lanterns, Bodhisattva 
lights, ORBS, Strange meteors, Fluffy fire, Unctuous vapour, Blazing 
stars, UFOs, Luminous columns, Ghost beacons, Lum=E8res de la terre, 
Flying flame, Sparkling fires, Flaming torch, Money lights, ALP, 
Geophysical meteors, Ghost beacon, Elf-fire, Ghostly lights, Rocket 
lightning, Fieballs, Earthquake lights, Ghost fire, Phantom 
effluence, Luminous Clouds. 
Will-o'-the-wisps, Ignis fatuus, Fox fire, Fata morgana, Foolish 
fire, Fairy lights, Corpse candles, Elf light, Will-with-the-wisp, 
Wisp, Friar's lantern, Meg of the lantern, The swamp ghost, 
Bramaracokh, Peggy with the lantern, Fairy death lantern, Jack-o'-
lantern, Peg-a-lantern, Flickering fire, Spunkie, Death light, 
Walking fire, Fools fire, Lambent flame, Fetch lights, Dead man's 
candles, Pixie lights, Fair maid of Ireland, Friar's lanthern, Friar 
Rush with a lantern, Ball of wildfire, Going fire, Fire of destiny, 
Robin Good-fellow, Hob-lantern, Fairy-lantern, Puck-lantern, Corpse 
light, Corposant, Corpo Santos, Dickepoten, Teine sionnii, Teine 
side, Fairy fire, Sean na gealaige, Jack of the bright light, Laim na 
lasoige, William with the little light, Feu follet, Irrlicht, Blud, 
Eskuddit', Fetch candle, Fools fire, Spirit lantern, Lantern man. 



>  I prefer 'light ball' because  the word "lightning" is mostly 
connected> with  electric storms which is not the case here.



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