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Subject: Re: Looking for some suggestions
From: Khem Caigan <Khem@...>
Date: 09 Mar 2002 02:38

dbercaw2001 writes:
>  The idea that I would like to test is that
> the energy source for these lights are from telluric currents
> channeled through areas of high conductivity (from the metal
> deposits), with the lights appearing at the interface where the
> telluric currents surface and come into contact with currents in the
> atmosphere.  As you can tell, this idea is only half baked and some
> data is needed before any testable hypothesis can be formed.

 You might want to take a look at James Brett's study of the Marfa
Lights, to see how his chums jammed on the geology of the Texas Big Bend
Region - which is volcanics, metamorphosed rocks, and chalk - both
diamagnetic and dielectric.

 Similar to what underlies the crop circle region in England, come to
think of it ;)
> The telluric current sensor is an issue.  I have been surveying for
> information on devices for earth current measurement, including
> ground antennas, and all of the methods seem pretty crude.

 You might want to take a look at these sites: 

Exploring ULF-ELF and VLF radio band

> Another issue is measurement of radio wave transmissions through the
> earth in the ELF/VLF frequencies, but at what frequency should
> measurements be taken?

Howsabout paying a visit to our neighbours?

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