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Subject: Looking for some suggestions
From: "dbercaw2001" <dbercaw@...>
Date: 09 Mar 2002 07:06

The area I am in seems to be blessed with spooklights, i.e., the 
Hornet light, the Dover light, the Gurdon light, and the Crosset 
light.  I have also, over the years, heard rumors of yet another 
light across the border in Oklahoma, in the area of my hometown.  I 
am trying to chase this one down to confirm or deny.  We are located 
about an equal distance between the Hornet and the Dover sites (about 
an hour driving time in different directions).

I have been toying with the idea that these lights appear in areas of 
metallic deposits and are not connected with tectonic activity.  For 
example, the Hornet site is located in an area of a large lead and 
zinc deposit which has been mined since the early 1900s.  All of the 
sites are in areas of virtually no earthquake activity and all are 
too far away from the New Madrid fault for the activity in that area 
to be of any consequence.  The idea that I would like to test is that 
the energy source for these lights are from telluric currents 
channeled through areas of high conductivity (from the metal 
deposits), with the lights appearing at the interface where the 
telluric currents surface and come into contact with currents in the 
atmosphere.  As you can tell, this idea is only half baked and some 
data is needed before any testable hypothesis can be formed.

I am starting to put together a proposal for a technology oriented 
school in our area that I am involved with to do a research project 
on the lights.  My admittedly ambitious idea is to develop remote 
sensing stations at the Hornet and Dover sites (assuming landowner 
permission can be obtained or station sites can be leased)to gather 
data on the order of what has been done with Project Hessdalen and 
what Joseph DiVerdi has done with NCEMO.

I am interested in hearing ideas for instrumentation.  My ideas are:
   Internal and external temperature sensors
   Telluric current sensor
   Sensor for earth resistivity measurement

The telluric current sensor is an issue.  I have been surveying for 
information on devices for earth current measurement, including 
ground antennas, and all of the methods seem pretty crude.

Another issue is measurement of radio wave transmissions through the 
earth in the ELF/VLF frequencies, but at what frequency should 
measurements be taken?

Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

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