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Subject: Re: light balls
From: "josee chelkoff" <josee.chelkoff@...>
Date: 9 Mar 2002 07:08

Hello !
Before asserting that a  ball light is 'unexplainable' we must make sure
that IT really is unexplainable and take all kinds of measurements. For
example, as I  mentionned it already, we measured the speed of the light
ball in our video : (300 G). This is not an "explanation" but a
"description" of the phenomenon that has to be as accurate as possible
before making it available  on the net. And as far as I know,  a speed of
300G can hardly be explained in such instance
within our scientific knowledge !

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Subject: [mysterylights] Re: light balls

> Hi
> I have no idea what you are talking about.!
> Anomalous Light Phenomena  = ALP
> Anomalous = all the lights are not explainable according to those
> that are viewing/recording the phenomena.
> Its interesting, that people who are not there,who do not not study
> the data etc ,"believe" the  lights are "explainable".
> Nor, do they fit in with conventional physics.
> Lights=The phenomena is often seen as lights,viewed at night
> Phenomena = Events/lights occur, ergo...
> Studies = the lights are studied.
> You missed my questions. ;)
> Mike
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> > this not a ALP studies
> >
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