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Subject: light balls
From: "josee chelkoff" <josee.chelkoff@...>
Date: 7 Mar 2002 08:26

Hello !

I am new on this list. I decided to join it because here in France, on the =
C=F4te d'Azur where I live, at Col de Vence,  lots of strange phenomena hav=
e been happening for many many years including light balls springing from t=
he ground  at very high speed (300G as it was calculated from a video taken=
 last April in the area). On this video the lightball remains a very short =
while above the ground (15 or 20 meters) and then falls back again to the g=
round behind the bush wherefrom it had sprung up -  before springing up aga=
in at the same speed. Most  these ligthballs only show on shots or videos.
I 'd like to find out whether, and if so , where that kind of phenomenon ha=
s been experimented.
I 'd greatly appreciate any information you would provide me on this subjec=
Best regards,


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