Mysterylights Group Message 0111

Subject: Re: ALP coments
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 07 Mar 2002 05:46

> -I would like to get some information about your 20 years of 
experience> -we did you publish such knowledge

I stated that I had read about the phenomena for 20 years and have 
never come across any mention , ever, of dangerous to health 
effects/ rocks being left after light phenomena has been in the area.
Your site displays 2 photos of rocks <with possible heat/radiation 
This is not proof of the interesting claim about health effects.
Which page is the data to back up the health effects claims.?
I have looked for BOL phenomena for 10 years/videoed some/and I/v 
many people about their experiences etc for TV and radio etc.

> -do you have scientific identity

no.Which is not really relevent is it. ; )

> -those your country have any active faults line


> -did you have any earthquake in your country


> -do you consider all the EQL in the same category

No, do you

> -have you done any research on ALP 's


> -in your comments ,you mentioned that you did not believe that the
> phenomena is dangerous.

I stated I didnt believe it.Please point out
1/your data 2/other data that has also ben recorded by other 

is this a belief or a technical knowledge.

we both have a belief.I have seen no data to change my mind.
I am more than ready to be proved wrong<it has happened many times 

have you
> analyse references on our page.what do the burned rocks mean to 
you .

The "burned rocks" mean nothing to me other than 1/possible normal 
rock ,or ,they have been near a heat/radiation source.
I cannot find which page your data is on to match your claims.!


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