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Subject: Re: TUVPO & Geological Phenomena
From: Khem Caigan <Khem@...>
Date: 06 Mar 2002 13:36

TUVPO states:
> "We want to make a warning in this
> subject; the lights contain high level energy, and can change sandlike
> formations into glasslike formations in the area which they occur,
> and very dangerous to human being."

Mike's rejoinder:
> I couldn't find the proof/page on this one, and frankly I don't believe
> it.

 Nah, nobody ever believes this stuff. ;)

 Most likely, your already familiar with what he's on about - they're
called 'fulgurites'. Here are a few links:


Natural Glass

Partial Melting in Fulgurites from Little Ararat (Turkey) and Dissistock
(Swiss Alps)

Wild Earth

"Natural Glasses: A Study Using Polarized Light Microscopy"

Request for information on meteorites in archaeological contexts.


Is There Evidence of Ancient Atomic Warfare?

History of Glass

A History of Light and Lighting

What is glass?

All the Best,

~ Khem Caigan

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