Mysterylights Group Message 0108

Subject: ALP coments
From: "TUVPO" <andromeda@...>
Date: 7 Mar 2002 04:06

dear friends,
I am following your comments on the mailing list very curiously.
I was expecting you to ask the questions but it seems that I am going to ask
some question to you.
-I would like to get some information about your 20 years of experience
-we did you publish such knowledge
-do you have scientific identity
-those your country have any active faults line
-did you have any earthquake in your country
-do you consider all the EQL in the same category
-have you done any research on ALP 's
-in your comments ,you mentioned that you did not believe that the
phenomena is this a belief or a technical knowledge.have you
analyse references on our page.what do the burned rocks mean to you .


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