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Subject: TUVPO & Geological Phenomena
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 06 Mar 2002 06:23

Hey Khem

>  I think you've made a very good point here - the difference between
> 'causation' and 'correlation' needs to be made clear.

Sure, Many people trying to appear "scientific" often confuse the two.
I have no doubt that in some seismic events = some forms of light 
phenomena.But then they jump from that simple correlation to
The stated reason of saving lives by Erol Erkmen, by using some earth 
light reports to infer upcoming eruptions is interesting but bound to 
The majority of violent seismic events do not produce light phenomena 
before hand  or after.Helmut Tributsch<sic> "The Snakes Awake" 
covered different aspects of this phenomena<earth quake precusors,> 
and one of the "constants" was  localised electro-static effects.
One of the most earthquake prone areas in the world is Indonesia to 
the north of us<Australia>,I have travelled through there etc, and 
where are the prolific  Ufo reports.<silence>.
And while I am on a roll,regarding TUVPo.COM .
"- To find, analyse and describe video and photographic 
documentations about ALPs,

Unless you are talking about spectral analysis<on site> 
then the examination of the phenomena <via video/ film>is ,from a 
scientific perspective> a waste of time.It tells us characteristics 
of the BOLS that about it.

"2- To determine and measure the piezoelectric sphere during the 
formation of ALPs and to find the connection between quakes. "

A noble plan, but since the phenomena is so transient, its not 
looking to good.

"We want to make a warning in this
subject; the lights contain high level energy, and can change sandlike
formations into glasslike formations in the area which they occur, 
and very dangerous to human being." 

I couldnt find the proof/page on this one, and frankly I dont believe 
it.I have not read of any report like this on the phenomena, in any 
region of the world ,ever, in 20 years of reading on the subject.
I could have missed something though. ;)

>  The idea that earth stress and high-tension lines might provide a
> 'window' for inter-dimensional beings and/or craft is not news to 
the> old-timers of the UFO community.

something exceedingly odd is certainly reported in these areas.


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