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From: Khem Caigan <Khem@...>
Date: 05 Mar 2002 12:33

Mike writes:
> My "understanding" was the pre-seismic events may trigger
> lights/during seismic events lights may be triggered and after
> seismic events lights may be triggered.
> And there are reasons if lights dont appear during the above
> conditions.!
> Which sort of covers everything !
> So now that we know that some earth lights <whatever they are > are
> correlated sometimes with some forms of seismic activity, how about
> we try and explain all the really odd "behaviour" of the EL.
> Like "chasing" someones car for 20 minutes etc.

 I think you've made a very good point here - the difference between
'causation' and 'correlation' needs to be made clear.

 The seismic/tectonic stress/EMF connections were pointed out and
discussed a long time ago in Meade Layne's round-robin newsletters - I
think they've even posted some of 'em over at Theroux's 'Borderlands'

 The idea that earth stress and high-tension lines might provide a
'window' for inter-dimensional beings and/or craft is not news to the
old-timers of the UFO community.

All the Best,

~ Khem Caigan

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