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Subject: Re: Fwd = [UFOnet] UFO UpDate: More UFOs & Geological Phenomena In Chile
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 04 Mar 2002 06:39


My "understanding" was the pre-seismic events may trigger 
lights/during seismic events lights may be triggered and after 
seismic events lights may be triggered.
And there are reasons if lights dont appear during the above 
Which sort of covers everything !
Now we just have to use the "known" mechanism that explains SOME 
lights , to try and explain the various light phenomena that "behave" 
in truly strange phenomena.
Interesting how Deveraux resorts to complex areas of "consciousness" 
of earth lights, and his research friend Erling Strand<in private 
correspondence> asks <facetiously>"What is an earth light.?
So far "earth lights" can move/rest in the air/fire "laser like" 
beams/and pulse/and change their pulse when low power lasers are 
fired at them <Strand>.Etc Etc Etc
They can do anything!!
So now that we know that some earth lights<whatever they are > are 
correlated sometimes with some forms of sesimic activity, how about 
we try and explain all the really odd "behaviour" of the EL.
Like "chasing" someones car for 20 minutes etc.
Damn.Must be just one of a thousand useless anedotesd.! ;) 


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