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Subject: anomalous luminous phenomena
From: "TUVPO1" <andromeda@...>
Date: 3 Mar 2002 03:11

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Definition (text only)

Our ALP project had started in 1999 just before the Izmit earthquake. There were 2 main reasons[...]

1- To prove that the lights seen before earthquakes are not UFOs.
2- To decrease the rate of deaths caused by earthquakes, by warning people beforehand.

By the time, we got many newer knowledge and we need to change the older informations in our fi[...]
Firstly our page had been composed for everyone to understand. Our pages are mostly visited by [...]

We have a few reasons for using the term "ALP". First is  resulted from  the fact that this phe[...]

The Arabian Plate forms it's stress accumulation on the point on the city of Adiyaman, as seen [...]

There are not any research done for the subject of resembling light phenomenas which are not co[...]

Since our project had started, the preinformations below are obtained, although some new age gr[...]

So the movement of the plates creates the stress and causes the lights seen before the quakes. [...]

It is certain that a result will be obtained with the information which I have sum up above and[...]

1- To find, analyse and describe video and photographic documentations about ALPs,
2- To determine and measure the piezoelectric sphere during the formation of ALPs and to find t[...]
3- To formulate the connection of all datas with quakes
4- To forward the essays of project participants to other participants and to supply contact be[...]
5- To classify the reports of other establishments and researchers about UFOs and forward to ot[...]

The first datas of our ALP project
Between 20 and 26.8.1999, Turkish TV stations mentioned UFOs in a sensational way. Lots of TV c[...]

As a result, during the research of the first important ALP observation, Izmit quake had occurr[...]

To provide and analyse photographic and video documentation and description:

I have used my personal experiments in professional film branch. I studied on some profiles to [...]
We also have studies to make them better. I want to say that we are in average level in terms o[...]

Determining and measuring the sphere of Piezoelectric during the occurrence of ALPs and connect[...]

Now, the datas taken from 10 different ground station in marmara region are being evaluated. Th[...]

To formulate the connections between all datas and the quakes.

As we tried to explain above, to formulate such connections seems difficult now. One of it's mo[...]

Other subjects:
We announced people relevant to UFOs, when we start our project and wanted them to send similar[...]

The certain obtained fact is that these lights have no connection with aliens. Quakes can be no[...]

Erol Erkmen

project ALP, Updated version with full documentation here:

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