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Subject: More UFOs & Geological Phenomena In Chile
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More UFOs and Geological Phenomena in Northern Chile

Mystery lights in the sky, underground fires, tremors, and
ground splits continue to appear in Northern Chile. In the town
of Baquedano, entire local and national government buildings are
being relocated, the ground is sinking in many areas, and
several ground splits are causing transportation authorities to
close two major roads. On February 26 of 2002, an earthquake was
registered in Arica, the same location where a few days earlier,
many people saw bright lights in the sky. At the same time, in
Calama, local authorities are trying to put out underground
fires, and a local mining facility has collapsed and sunk.

The so-called western geological fault in Calama has been
determined to be the most probable cause for the collapse of the
Chuqui mining facility near Calama, Chile. The situation appears
to be under control. There is a major evacuation of personnel
and equipment taking place. Nevertheless, there is a great sense
of fear and insecurity among mining workers.

According to previously recorded geological events, the mine
appears to be in a highly active volcanic and seismic area.
Furthermore, it is believed that in addition to the already
active volcanic area, there seems to be some tectonic plate
fracture activity as well, causing a four-meter wide split.
Additionally, the steep inclination level where the facility is
located has worsened the effects of the apparent fault.

Coincidently, there seems to be UFO activity occurring
simultaneously with these geological phenomena. On the 18th of
February of 2002, a strange flying object was seen in the city
of Calama. Two young men reported seeing a bright oval-shaped
UFO flying over buildings in the south side of the city. "At
first, we though it was an advertisement balloon attached to a
building, but it suddenly began to move. It was about 20 meters
in length, and bright orange reddish colored. It began moving
from a tall building named Asturias towards the local chicken
processing plant. After about 3 minutes, it began ascending
slowly, and then very rapidly until it gained so much altitude
that we lost it", said one of them.

On November of 2001, similar objects were seen near the mine of
Quetena. According to "Jorge", an eyewitness, workers at a
nearby cement manufacturing plant saw three of those objects
flying in formation, then, they merged into one and left the
area. The sighting lasted about four minutes. Jorge claimed that
the objects changed their inclination angle, then, they merged.
After the objects merged into one, it flew up very rapidly and

But Chile is not the only part of the world where these
phenomena take place. Many UFOs or "night lights" have been
sighted before or during earthquakes throughout the world. For
example, in Turkey, on January 26 of 2002, a bright light was
seen before and during an entire earthquake. In Canada, as many
as 38 of these lights were seen in Quebec during and after the
earthquake of 1988. Similar events have taken place in Alaska
and in Japan.

It has not been confirmed that the earthquake in Arica was the
cause of the Chuqui Mine collapse in Calama. Although, the
earthquake occurred several miles away, both events took place
almost simultaneously. On the 9th of February of 2002, while
traveling at night, a major news media journalist reported
seeing a very bright light in Arica, where the earthquake took
place; the light was so bright that was seen by other
eyewitnesses several miles away. In addition to all of these
"coincidences", the Chilean government, as well as international
organizations have begun a "nuclear monitoring" project, as well
as the construction of radio telescopes in the area. There is
something very strange going on down there.

Field Investigation by Jaime Ferrer

Translation by Mario Andrade


Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center


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