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Date: 22 Feb 2002 03:21

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Subject: Re: Open Memo To Mr. Filer 

Dear G.A. Filer
I read you note very carefully,I concluded that you never analyse the links=
 in the subject.The video is on the our web site (TUVPO) for a long time,Al=
so we can send as CD video (full footage 1.8Gb) for the ones who are intere=
sted  via mail.

video sample link : 

You mentioned Mr.John Deer,I know him very closely because his with us in A=
LP (ref2) project. I am putting one of his statements above.(Ref1)

" Dear Mr. Erkmen,
Thank you very much for the English translation of these reports.  It looks=
 as if your work may lead to the best photographic/video documentation of E=
QL yet.Dr. John S. Derr, Chief U.S. Geological Survey Albuquerque Seismolog=
ical Laboratory Building 10002 Albuquerque, NM  87115  USA phone:  (505) 84=
6-5646 fax:    (505) 846-6973 (or -2868) email  Derr@...   web:=  "

I would like to answer others matters but this not the proper place,if you =
are interested I can forward you some valuable technical information (who e=
ver wants they are available).

For explaining other Turkish UFO group ,we gave enough information but it s=
eems that you have not analysed it quite well.This group has no technical e=
quipment (ref3) and also mislead people.
Same sightings happen 3 years ago.A lot of lights(ref 6 in the map ,blue po=
ints=3DALP ) (same type) where seen (ref4),than big earthquake came and 25.=
000 peoples was killed (izmit eartquke) and the same group had insisted the=
y where aliens.The scientists insulted him Mr H.akdo=F0an on the TV program=
s.Our project has started then.

I'm Colour Seperation Engineer (1951) .For these reason we got a lot off te=
chnical equipment and information.We share our ALP datas with all the scien=
tist all around the world (ref5).And we have all the advanced technical equ=
ipment for these QEL's ,for recognizing.

I would like to say again  that your point of view has not been investigate=
d and analysed.I hope you look at the links that I write here.
In summary your replay very satisfactory even though I do not agree some pa=
rts.But these is very natural 

>snip  Caution, most of these are initial reports and require further inves=

I found this statement very positive and I think you should added all of yo=
ur reports.

Best regards
Erol Erkmen


Editor's Note:  Dear Erol, I receive a thousand e-mails a week, so sorry fo=
the delay.=20 
I'm happy to present your argument for Earthquake Lights.  Each group has 
some strong arguments on their side, and I do not pretend to be an expert o=
these lights.  I have seen and chased structured UFOs, while both ground an=
airborne radar's tracked the UFO, but I have personally never seen Earthqua=
lights nor heard of them being tracked on radar.  Most of my knowledge was=
gained by attending a lecture by Paul Devereux at Princeton University and=
reading his books.  He showed numerous Earthquake lights during his lecture=
None appeared to fly like UFOs.  Most simply looked like hovering or floati=
lights close to the ground, similar to ball lightning.  Most lasted for onl=
a few minutes apparently caused by stresses within the Earth.

Frankly, the Turkish Governor Is=FDk's' description of the lights sounded l=
UFOs to me than Earthquake lights.  However, without seeing the actual film=
it is very difficult to make an assessment.  I frankly was not aware of TUP=
and felt Sirus' analysis was reasonable, because the descriptions matched U=
activities.  Earthquakes occur around the world almost daily and seldom are=
Earthquake lights seen and then they are  seldom observed above a hundred 
feet in altitude and only for very short periods of time.  These lights wer=
filmed for five to six hours by the police.  According to your study their=
was no seismic activity in the  Province and the closest recorded seismic 
activity was in Osmanive some 160 kilometers southwest much closer to the 
Mediterranean Sea.=20 

A major Earthquake occurred in Cay, Afyon on February 3, 2002, almost 700 
kilometers northwest and a week later.  I doubt if this would have much 
bearing on Earthquake Lights in are almost always associated with 
earthquakes.  "Earth Lights Revelation" by Paul Devereux states, "Lights ha=
been reported down the generations by victims of earthquakes worldwide, but=
were shunned by most modern scientists because of the anecdotal nature of t=
evidence."  Page 19.  He states, "A third broad category of terrestrial lig=
phenomena is that of earthquake lights.  They come in a wide range of 
forms-such as streamers and aurorae-like displays across the sky, balls of=
light, glows in the atmosphere, sparkles of light on hillsides, slow 
lightning, and occur in association with some, but no means all earthquakes=
 "They can appear before, during and after earth quake activity and sometim=
at distances of tens of miles from the epicenter of such seismicity."  A 
quote from John Derr Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.=20 

Since Earthquake Lights are generally believed to move along active faults,=
we would need to plot the UFO movement in relation to any active fault line=
 As I understand the fault lines are dozens of miles north of the city. =
Based on the descriptions the UFO movements they did not follow fault lines=
and seemed to stay over Eastern where to my knowledge there has not been 
active seismic activity.  Furthermore, the multiple lights were filmed for=
six hours and appear to have set the world's record by far for Earthquake 
Lights.  According to Paul Deverux, Earth Lights usually haunt certain 
locations for hundreds of years.  Generally the lights are associated with=
tremors, are sighted near bodies of water, frequently there are minerals an=
mines in the area, the lights generally issue in one direction, and are oft=
accompanied by gaseous material.  Frequently, people actually see the light=
coming out of the Earth in basketball size balls.  Dr. K. V. Ettinger of th=
University of Aberdeen says,"I cannot imagine any process related to 
piezo-luminescence which will generate lights high in the air.' Page 200. =

I must admit my knowledge of this area of Turkey is limited although, I hav=
flown over the area on many occasions and have not seen or heard of similar=
reports.  I'm not aware of the mining of minerals in the immediate Ad=FDyam=
area, although if I remember correctly there are copper and chromium mines=
east of the Euphrates River.  I'm not aware of any fault lines running 
through the city.  I would be very interested in learning how Earthquake 
lights can stay airborne at altitude for many hours, without any recorded 
seismic activity?  I would assume there is a seismograph in Adiyaman, that=
would have recorded any underground disturbances?  The last sentence of eac=
Filer's Files state: "Caution, most of these are initial reports and requir=
further investigation."  Thousands of UFOs are reported each year over area=
where there are no fault lines.  The following article may provide another=
possibility since US Air Forces are stationed at Adana Air Base, Turkey not=
very far away. 

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