Mysterylights Group Message 0099

Subject: Re: Electromagnetic fields
From: Brent Cater <bcater@...>
Date: 13 Feb 2002 11:18

>>They are seen very close to the border between the
>>states of Missouri and Arkansas.  If you live in
>>Arkansas, they are called the Hornet spooklights after
>>the nearest town in Arkansas.  If you live in Missouri
>>(which I did many years ago), they are called the
>>Joplin spooklights after the nearest Missouri town.
>>They are actually seen on the Arkansas side.

Actually, the tiny hamlet of Hornet is in Missouri.  And when one leaves
Joplin driving south
down the State Line Road to see the spook light, the state line is the
one between Missouri and Oklahoma, not Arkansas.  The Joplin Spook light
is actually located in Oklahoma.

Ted Phillips and John Carpenter produced an excellent videotape a few
years ago called:
"The Light at the End of the Road:  The Joplin Spooklight."  This tape
is approximately one and a half hours long and contains a wealth of
useful information , including videos  and still photos of the light.
Mr. Phillips has been researching this light since 1964.

Brent Cater

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