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Subject: Re: I'm interested in learning more
From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
Date: 12 Feb 2002 13:30

Hello Barb,

I've read your message with great interest. It seems to me that
we can learn a lot from you! 

On 11th February 2002, Barbara Huyser <barb@...> wrote:


  >I have found anomalous electromagnetic fields in these
  >locations.  Using an electromagnetic field detector, I have
  >been able to draw out the shape of the field, which is almost
  >always spherical.  

I'm curious which field detector you use to draw out the shape
of a field. Have you found out whether these were naturally or
artificially generated fields?

  >These fields are also associated with cold
  >spots. My theory is that I am capturing a spherically shaped
  >electromagnetic field.  The reason it shows up in the photo
  >is the negative ions shooting out of the field cause the drop
  >in temperature, resulting in some condensation of the
  >moisture within the field.  This condensation provides a
  >reflective surface that allows the flash to strike a surface
  >and reflect it back into the lense of the camera.  All of
  >this occurs too fast for the human eye to perceive it as a
  >discrete event.

This is an interesting new theory. My first question would be:
Is there an actual temperature drop in cold spots? I believe
that anomaly researcher Albert Budden has also mentioned cold
spots somewhere in one of his books (I'm trying to find where),
however, from the top off my head, I think he regards it as
"sensations of cold", subjective sensations that some people get
when they're exposed to (intense) EM fields. He also mentions
tingling feelings.

  >I am familiar with the "spook lights" phenomenon,
  >particularly as relates to the Joplin Spooklights near Joplin
  >Missouri.  I believe that the vast majority of the spook
  >lights phenomenon are natural rather than paranormal.  

I've never heard of the Joplin Spooklights. Could you tell something
about it?

Thank you for taking the trouble!

Best wishes,

Frits Westra -- fwestra@...

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