Mysterylights Group Message 0091

Subject: I'm interested in learning more
From: Barbara Huyser <barb@...>
Date: 11 Feb 2002 14:24


I am new to this group and am interested in learning
more.  My hobby for better than twenty years has been
paranormal investigations, specifically allegations of
haunting activity.  Over the years, I have done
extensive investigations of places reputed to be
haunted and have found what look like balls of light
in photographs I have taken.  I have hundreds of these
photos that showed what we call "orbs" where I have
been able to eliminate reflections, moisture droplets,
developing errors, etc. as causes.  None of these orbs
were seen at the time the photo was taken.  On two
occasions, I actually saw orbs in motion, but they
disappeared to fast for me to take a photo.

I have found anomalous electromagnetic fields in these
locations.  Using an electromagnetic field detector, I
have been able to draw out the shape of the field,
which is almost always spherical.  These fields are
also associated with cold spots.  My theory is that I
am capturing a spherically shaped electromagnetic
field.  The reason it shows up in the photo is the
negative ions shooting out of the field cause the drop
in temperature, resulting in some condensation of the
moisture within the field.  This condensation provides
a reflective surface that allows the flash to strike a
surface and reflect it back into the lense of the
camera.  All of this occurs too fast for the human eye
to perceive it as a discrete event.  

I am familiar with the "spook lights" phenomenon,
particularly as relates to the Joplin Spooklights near
Joplin Missouri.  I believe that the vast majority of
the spook lights phenomenon are natural rather than
paranormal.  I believe the photos that I take in
haunted places are capturing a different
electromagnetic phenomenon.  But, I certainly cannot
discount that the phenomenon may be related in some
way and simply attributed to different causes.

I have a website featuring some of my photos from
local cemeteries.  The photos I have gotten from
haunted houses are not as dramatically clear.  My site
is  .  I am looking forward to
learning more from this group as time goes on.

Barb Huyser
--- ozestrange <ozestrange@...> wrote:
> Good stuff Frits
> What do you think of the work of Hutchison/Corliss
> etc.
> Are you and me the only people on this board.  ;)
> Mike

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