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Date: 10 Feb 2002 14:19

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Anatomy of a Lightning Ball

An aerial wonder, pondered for ages, no longer seems so ghostly

   Peter Weiss

   Not  many  people  get  to  see ball lightning, but those who do never
   forget  it.  Imagine  a glowing orb suddenly materializing in front of
   you,  possibly  sizzling  or exuding a bluish mist and an acrid smell.
   The  globe  may  be larger than a beach ball and dart through the air,
   perhaps  hovering  occasionally  as  if considering its next move. The
   ball  may  also  roll or bounce along the ground, climb utility poles,
   and  skitter  along  power  lines. As it travels, the fiery sphere may
   destroy  electrical equipment, ignite fires, and even singe animals or

   After  only  10  seconds  or  so,  the  apparition  typically vanishes
   abruptly.  Some  balls  flick out in silence, like a lamp turning off.
   Others burst with sharp bangs and fiery streamers.

   Despite   half-a-millenniums   worth  of  anecdotal  reports  and  two
   centuries  of  scientific  investigations, no one yet can say for sure
   just  what  ball  lightning  is.  Lately,  however,  a  small group of
   researchers  has  developed theories and reported experimental results
   that  appear  to explain some features of ball lightning that previous
   models couldnt account for.

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