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Subject: Earthquake after ALP's
From: "TUVPO1" <andromeda@...>
Date: 3 Feb 2002 14:59

Earthquake after ALP's
6 Md earthquake occurred in Turkey,The number of deaths are increasing.
we will report you the detailed information later.


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Subject: Re: The Secret Of Mysterious Lights is Being Solved

> I have posted a copy of your UFO footage screen shot, in
> association with coverage of this story, at The Electric
> Warrior Website.
> This JPEG gives credit to TUVPO. Please email me, if you
> want to have this removed.
> -kj
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> The Electric Warrior : Weblog February 3, 2002
> Turkish UFO Flap Disputes Anomalous Luminous Phenomena
> Earth Microbes Signal Possible Life on Mars
> ET Paradigm Clock Reset
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> image» UFO Footage, Adiyaman, Turkey
> (The Electric Warrior) Two Turkish UFO research groups disagree
> about the explanation for mysterious lights seen over Adýyaman,
> Turkey, on January 26-27, 2002. The Anomalous Luminous
> Phenomena (ALP) were reportedly captured on camera by local
> law enforcement, and observed by civilian eyewitnesses. The
> scientifically observable phenomenon known as earthquake lights
> was floated as a possible explanation. That explanation was
> rejected by a second group of researchers, who say a similar
> occurence in June of last year involved the sighting of a classic
> saucer-shaped UFO.
> 31-Jan-02
> Analysis Results of an Important UFO Case in Adýyaman, Turkey
> (Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center) An important UFO
> incident has occurred in Adýyaman, Turkey on the nights of
> January 26-27. At around 11.00 pm on the night of January 26,
> the General Directorate of Police in Adýyaman received a phone
> call informing that a brilliant flying object was observed at the
> eastern side of the city...According to the information given by
> Governor [Mayor] Isýk, a total of 5 unidentified objects were
> observed in the skies of Adýyaman...Isýk strongly stressed that
> over 20 police officers and hundreds of civilians eye witnessed
> this incident...Not only one, but 5 objects are viewed in video
> images, which are glowing, moving and much more brighter than
> any star. At close-ups, one can see that objects are rotating
> around their own axis...we, as Sirius UFO Space Sciences
> Research Center, have concluded that these objects, which
> possess the above characteristics and maneuver in the sky with
> challenging all the rules of physics, are definitely UFOs under the
> control of intelligent beings.
> 01-Feb-02 The Secret Of Mysterious Lights is Being Solved
> (Turkey UFO & Paranormal Events Research Org) The lights
> which are described as ufo by many people, had caused a panic
> around Adiyaman. The Lights which are supposed as aliens/UFOs
> by some new age groups, also had recorded by police cameras.
> The scientific studies indicated that, some similar events had
> experienced in this region and all of them had the same
> characteristics...All The regions that the lights are observed,
> originated from the active fault line...It is proved that the lights
> which were thought as Jupiter before, are earthquake lights (ALP)
> by scientific values...The traffic police who were on duty during
> that time on this region were also confirmed those lights on
> Adiyaman-Kahta way by cable. They reported that securty
> region police were sent to this region immediately and those
> star shaped lighted objects scattering lights , and rotating on
> their axis, and were cought by the night vison police camera
> (6 hours!)
> 02-Feb-02
> Re: The Secret of Mysterious Lights in Adýyaman is Being Solved
> (Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center) Upon certain
> speculations flowing around asserting that the mentioned objects
> were earthquake lights, we felt the need to bring some facts into
> light...we repeat that the lights observed in Adýyaman skies
> CANNOT be earthquake lights or any other or any other kind of a
> plasma formation created by a certain ionized electricity-charged
> particles...There is not a single sample of this kind of an event in
> world chronicles, in which the earthquake lights are recorded this
> long (5-6 hours) in every country around the world, there is
> an official cover-up of UFO incidents in Turkey. Thus, the official
> institutions, many times give unreliable and unjustified statements
> on UFO events, to cover up the incident and misinform the public...
> As a result, the mysterious objects in Adiyaman are proved to be
> in no means an atmospheric or natural phenomenon.
> 11-Jan-02 Earth Lights, Ball Lightning, and ALP Research
> ( In general, we refer to the various forms of
> mystery light covered by this site as "ALP" or "Anomalous Luminous
> Phenomena"...The field of ALP research is fairly diverse, and is
> steeped in folklore and history. Word-of-mouth when it comes to
> unexplained lights is not all that strong, and so the various synonyms,
> misinterpretations, and fuzzy nature of the field have made analysis
> of historical records and folk anecdotes difficult.
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> image» Mars Beckons Percival Lowell
> 30-Jan-02
> Scientists raise odds of life on Mars
> 972154
> ( The odds of life on Mars are better after the
> discovery by Toronto researchers of microbes that manage to
> thrive under harsh Mars-like conditions in Antarctic soils...
> conventional scientific wisdom had all but ruled out the prospect
> of any microbial life near the Mars surface under such harsh
> conditions so no one was looking for it on Earth..."We're not
> saying this shows there is life on Mars. We're saying that life
> occurs on Earth in what is a Mars-like environment. Scientists
> need to start asking different questions."
> 01-Feb-02 Mars Odyssey Almost Ready to Map Red Planet
> (NASA/JPL) NASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey spacecraft is now in its
> mapping orbit after completing two maneuvers this week to
> fine-tune its nearly circular orbit and prepare it for the start of
> the science mission...Two of the science instruments, both
> neutron spectrometers that are part of the gamma ray
> spectrometer suite, are currently operating and collecting
> science data about the composition of the Mars surface.
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> ufo & eti news» ET Paradigm Clock Ticks Two Minutes to Midnight
> (The Electric Warrior) One thing is clear from Basset's periodic PRG
> news updates, he believes the truth about ETI is really out there,
> and he's committed to engaging in the UFO community's own brand
> of political dissent, whether he calls it that or not...
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> February 3, 2002
> Silicon Valley, CA
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