Mysterylights Group Message 0085

Subject: The Secret Of Mysterious Lights is Being Solved
From: "TUVPO1" <andromeda@...>
Date: 2 Feb 2002 03:38

The Secret Of Mysterious Lights is Being Solved !

The lights which are described as ufo by many people, had caused a panic ar=
ound Ad=FDyaman. The Lights which are supposed as aliens/UFOs by some new a=
ge groups, also had recorded by police cameras.The scientific studies indic=
ated that, some similar events had experienced in this region and all of th=
em had the same characteristics. Also The National Observatory had particip=
ated in these studies. Ad=FDyaman is located in the first-degree earthquake=
 zone of Turkey. All The regions that the lights are observed, originated f=
rom the active fault line

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