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Subject: Re: wave of light
From: "khemcaigan" <Khem@...>
Date: 31 Jan 2002 12:06

--- In mysterylights@y..., Virginia Cobler <virginia_c_cobler@y...> 
> anybody out there ever see a wave, a very large wave
> of brilliant white light that moves along the ground? 
> This happened on just after crossing I-10, where
> highway 90 turns into Route 54 between Texas and New
> Mexico in 1996.  Any explanation?

 In Forfar Helen Guthrie (1661) confessed that she went to several 
meetings; at one in the churchyard 'they daunced togither, and the 
ground under them wes all fyre flauchter, and Andrew Watson hade his 
vsuale staff in his hand, altho he be a blind man yet he daunced alse 
nimblie as any of the companye, and made also great miriement by 
singing his old ballads, and that Isobel Shyrrie did sing her song 
Tinkletum Tankletum; and that the divill kist every one of the women.' 

~ Margaret Murray, 'The Witch-Cult in Western Europe', 1921, Oxford 
University Press.

 "Flauchter" looks to be something like fluttering, or flickering.

~ Khem Caigan

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