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Subject: Fwd = Albert Budden's response to Mike Williams (1/2)
From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
Date: 30 Jan 2002 19:11

Hello Mike and all,

Some time ago Mike Williams and I had a discussion about Albert
Budden's theories. Mike's crititism of Budden's theories boiled
down to six points, which I've put to Albert Budden himself. Below
is the full text of Part 1 of Budden's extensive response, which
I received by snail-mail. Part 2 is posted separately.

Both parts will be cross-posted to other mailing lists.


Forwarded by:        fwestra@... (Frits Westra)
Posted on behalf of: Albert Budden, Middlesex, UK
Original Date:       January 2002 

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Replies to Mike Williams' comments and questions from Albert 
Budden. January 2002. 

Part 1/2

1) Mr Williams, refers to the TriField meter as "a toy". 

This is a very curious conclusion to come to, especially as I
see from his other comments that he owns one. If this is the
case, surely he would have read the three A4 pages full of
technical specifications which come with each meter. (if not I
can send him a copy of these technical specifications) Also the
meter is designed and manufactured by a reputable electronics
company in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, called AlphaLabs Inc. The
technical specifications are very detailed and clearly show that
the TriField meter is of conventional design for this type of EM
field detection instrumentation, (no dowsing rods or pendulum
references) and is an effectively constructed piece of
scientific apparatus used to detect and measure magnetic,
electric and radio-frequency fields, including microwaves. 

Actually, considering Williams' sweeping statement, it is this
sort of comment I get from people who have very little
scientific knowledge, as they cannot really appreciate the
essence and performance of the TriField, which, compared with
other meters on the market, is very good for its cost, (a meter
which detects microwaves only is on sale in the UK for over GBP
600!) and such people with limited scientific knowledge just
rely on the impression they get when they first see it as a
small plain black box with a knob and dial on the front, which
is what the TriField looks like. 

However, I am sure that Williams would have been much happier if
the TriField had looked more complicated and had a large
expansive antennae protruding from the top with multiple
branches, mounted on a computer console with a revolving dish
that bleeped as lines flickered across an oscilloscope, as
electrical arcing sparking up a transparent tube, as this
conforms much more to what sci-fi films portray as the labs of
"real" scientists, which certainly seems to be the only source
of Williams' information on scientific apparatus. 

I have used the TriField many times to check if microwave ovens
leak or not, and have scanned many places of work alleviating
"sick building syndrome" through detecting areas of high field
density, then followed by the rearrangement of computer banks
etc. I have also enabled people previously suffering from a
range of characteristic health related effects to be free of
symptoms, such as the many people who have found it almost
impossible to sleep due to being irradiated by high magnetic
field densities from their bedside clock radio, which they then
moved to the other side of the room. I have also shown through
the use of the meter, that "abductees" currently going through
an active period of "visitations", or those who report
"haunting" phenomena, are living in an electromagnetic hot spot. 

Therefore, the TriField meter should certainly not be thought of
as "a toy" in any sense of the word. If a full dosimetric survey
of a location is required, this meter will effectively indicate
the presence of EM fields significantly above background
levels,(which is how The World Health Organisation defines an EM
hot spot.) and would be a good starter for a full dosimetric
survey, which as I will explain would then require a spectrum

Also it should of course be noted that it is time-varying
energies that are being detected and measured. I wonder if Mr
Williams knows what this means or even the difference between
ionising and non-ionising radiation. A little induction training
into the correct use of the meter may be required for those with
no scientific background. I also use many other meters from time
to time, as well as (rarely) a spectrum-analyser - all borrowed
(and returned) from the technical department of a certain
university in the UK which shall remain nameless. 

However, there are actually some field meters that ARE actually
designed to appear toy-like, with pretty flashing lights and
brightly coloured bands with 'high', 'medium' and 'low' on their
scale, so as to be user-friendly to those who wish to check
their house, but have no scientific/technical knowledge and
would just find the look of the TriField too daunting for them. 

To fully realise and appreciate what the investigator gets for
the money (around GBP 120.00) when a TriField is bought, (which
Williams obviously does not) he should try shopping around other
companies (like Scientific Perspectives, 100, Baker Street,
London.) to try to find a reasonably priced meter that detects
all three field-types, one with dual sensitivities. They stock
both the toy-like variety and the ultra-expensive microwave

2) Mr Williams states: 

"No one else has ever found the consistent readings he seems to
find everywhere. If there exists someone please tell me." 

Mr Williams seems slightly confused by stating that I find
consistent readings "everywhere". (sic)  I do not actually find
consistent readings everywhere at all. I can only assume that
what he really means, is that he thinks that nobody else has
detected "haunted" locations as EM hot spots and high field
levels at those homes where someone is currently undergoing
inexplicable or "paranormal" experiences, including alien
visitations and/or abductions. Again, it should be remembered
that we are dealing with time-varying EM fields that are not
constant and may not be there at the time Mr Williams checks,
but are in the early hours of the morning, for example. There is
a video of a TV documentary actually showing veteran American
psychical investigator William Roll walking through the rooms of
a "haunted" hotel with a field meter, and finding abnormally
high magnetic field levels. So as Mr Williams asks "If there
exists someone please tell me", as if for some reason this would
be an impossibility, I can, with a certain pleasure and
satisfaction of vindication, send him a copy of the video, or he
could contact the investigators and/or experiencers in the list
I have provided who have also found that the locations where
"hauntings" or alien visitation or abduction experiences take
place, are EM hot spots. 

Also, Mr Williams appears to think that I am quite alone
regarding support and/or acceptance of the EM Pollution
Approach, and that there is nobody else who agrees with me or
recognises any value in the approach I have developed, and that
it has made no impression on anyone of any significance. 


As far as locating other people who have also found the
consistent incidence of EM hot spots at the homes of
experiencers, or actively support and recognise the breakthrough
that the EM Pollution Approach represents, I advise him to
either contact or read letters (copies of which I could provide
for him) from the following list of people who are either
investigators, academics or scientific researchers working in
universities or experiencers/ "abductees" or are "psychics" with
self-reported ESP abilities, all of whom accept and welcome the
EM pollution approach I have developed to understand phenomena
and symptoms. Allow me to comment on each of these supportive


Regarding those who are investigators who either have TriFields
or comparable instrumentation; it is these people who will tell
you how they have also found the same conditions as I have
predicted in my books, especially "Electric UFOs", (e.g. Albert
Jan Sanders and Frits Westra in Holland, or Brian Allan in
Scotland or Bill Harding in Kew, Surrey, UK.) 

So here are the names and some details of those categories
described above that I can arrange for Mr Williams to
communicate with on the topic of my approach. Some of the names
are famous and will be known to him:- 

1) Dr Jacques Vallee. USA. involvement: Well-known investigator
and author of UFO-related topics. Wrote to me saying how stunned
he was at the elegance of my approach after reading "Allergies
and Aliens", and how he wished he had thought of it first
himself! Letter copy is available with USA address and phone
number if verification is needed. 

2) Professor Kenneth Ring. USA. Professor of Psychology,
Connecticut University. Involvement: Specialised in-depth
investigator of "abductees" and those having near-death
experiences. Published his findings in the epic book "The Omega
Project". Discovered the incidence of electrical
hypersensitivity in his study population of "abductees" in 1987.
(Many years before I independently discovered the same parameter
in my population of "abductees" in the UK) Endorses and supports
my approach. Copies of his letters (with address) to this effect

3) Professor Michael Persinger. Head of Neuroscience Department
at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada. Involvement: Leading
researcher in the field having published scientific papers on
the effects of magnetic fields on the temporal lobes of the
brain. Wrote to me to congratulate me on the development of the
EM Pollution Approach as it extended his own research findings.
Subscribed to my newsletter "The Steady Signal". 

4) Donna Hoggart. UK. Involvement: Long-term experiencer. Wrote
to me after reading my book "Allergies and Aliens", telling me
how it had totally changed her life for the better, finally
finding the truth regarding the causes of her many strange

5) Brian Allan. Scotland, UK. Involvement: Active investigator.
Found the same aspects in his cases as described in my books.
Has appeared in TV documentaries on local "hauntings" using his
TriField meter. 

6) Albert Jan Sanders and Frits Westra. Holland. Involvement:
Active and experienced investigators for the Netherlands UFO
Working Group. Wrote to me in the UK as they had been impressed
by "Electric UFOs" as a long-term case they had been studying
for years, conformed so closely to the parameters predicted in
my book. invited me to Holland to lecture and record interview
for their website: 

7) Dr. Eddie Bullard. USA. Specialist in Folklore studies.
Involvement: Compiled a three-volume epic study of the alien
abduction experience funded by the very ETH-biased Fund for UFO
Research. Is now of the opinion that the Electromagnetic
Pollution Approach represents the most formidable challenge to
the ETH. Contributed his opinion dismissing "alien abductions"
as types of urban myth to "Electric UFOs". 

8) James Basil. Involvement: Long-term "Abductee"/Experiencer.
Became convinced of the correctness of my approach after reading
"Electric UFOs" and founded an organisation called FRETSA -
Foundation for the Research of Encounter Trauma and Support for
Abductees, which has acted as a clearing house for "abductees"
and other experiencers to make contact with each other. Also
FRETSA came about because Basil "was disgusted" with the
appalling way that he was treated by medical and psychiatric
professionals, who had no idea what was really happening to him. 

9) Mrs. McCormack. Scotland, UK. Involvement: Long-term
experiencer. Contacted me after reading one of my books, having
realised that electrical hypersensitivity (EH) was the cause of
her weird experiences. Her long descriptive letters of her very
strange perceptions later changed as she began to report a new
period of "normalisation" after she had moved house, which was
clearly an EM hot spot. 

10) Danny Sullivan. UK. Involvement: Investigator and now editor
of "The Ley Hunter". Accepts the veracity of my approach and has
published articles I have written. 

11) Dr. Peter McCue. Scotland, UK. Psychiatrist. Leading member
of the Scottish Society of Psychical Research. Investigator.
Obtained TriField meter. Supports the approach I have developed
and has invited me to lecture for the SSPR. 

12) Poppy Palin. UK art teacher in state schools. Involvement:
Experiencer of many strange and vivid anomalies over many years.
Accepts the EM Pollution Approach completely, especially as she
recognises herself in the parameters predicted in my books.
Actually difficult to contact as she moves home very frequently,
but I have a mobile phone number for her. 

13) Craig Roberts. Involvement: Science graduate and
investigator. Also editor of a scientifically-orientated
periodical called "European Journal of UFO and Abduction
Studies". Strongly supports my approach and findings. 

14) Anne Silk. UK. Occupation: Specialist Optician. Now retired.
Involvement: Active investigator of "hauntings" and general
anomalies. Co-authored (with an 'earth-mysteries' specialist)
the hardback book "Ancient Energies of the Earth" showing how
natural geophysical electromagnetic fields had induced many of
the phenomena accelerated by artificial EM fields in modem
times.  Anne Arnold-Silk is the elected President for the
professional association for opticians in the UK. She has
presented numerous lectures to many medical organisations and
universities in the UK (including Oxford and Cambridge) on the
health and perception effects of EM fields on the human system. 

15) Elizabeth Gold. Wales, UK. Involvement: Long-term
experiencer. Recognised herself in the list of characteristics
predicted in my books and is described in "Electric UFOs" as
"Morgan of Swansea". Greatly relieved to learn the true cause of
her terrifying and tormenting experiences, which had become her
mission in life. Now angry towards "those idiots" (her words)
who had in the past encouraged her to believe that she was under
"psychic attack", or was possessed by a 13th century monk or was
being covertly surgically operated on by aliens while she slept!
Now much better after moving into an EM cold spot, although her
vivid "haunting" sensations can still be induced by laying down
and placing a novelty fridge-magnet on her forehead for about 15

16) Dr Dean Radin. USA. Involvement: Carries out
officially-funded scientific research in the Parapsychology
Department of an American University. Author of "The Conscious
Universe". Appeared in a TV documentary in the UK describing how
conditions in the environment, including electromagnetic ones,
were responsible for phenomena and effects traditionally thought
to be "paranormal" or "hauntings". Video of the documentary
available. (UK format) 

17) Dr William Roll. USA. Long-term veteran psychical
investigator co-authored a scientific monograph with Dean Radin
which showed how the presence of magnetic fields within a
building induced "haunting" phenomena. Used a field meter in his
investigations and appeared in the same TV documentary as Dean
Radin, expressing the same views. Video available also.(UK

18) Robert Harris. UK. Involvement: Course Administrator at a
Richmond College, Surrey, UK. He came with me on a first visit
to the home of an "abductee" - a 25-year old man. He wanted to
see if my prediction that "abductees" lived in EM hot spots was
true or not; a real test. Neither of us had been to this
particular experiencer's north London home before, but when we
arrived we immediately saw an electric train track below power
lines just 100 metres from his front door. Later, investigation
revealed a huge radio-mast standing on the back garden lawn of
his long-term radio-ham neighbour. This powerful RF transmitter
had been there for 15 years, during the formative years of  this

19) "June" of Coventry. Involvement: Long-term experiencer.
Excited and relieved to read of my findings and has appeared in
several TV documentaries on alien abduction experiences, stating
how my approach showed her what her experiences were really
about. Video copies of the programme available. 

I could continue with this list of investigators who have found
the same aspects that I have in cases, or experiencers who have
recognised themselves in the predicted parameters in my books,
or academic researchers/authors who have recognised the
breakthrough that my developed approach represents. 

So, Mr Williams, if you would like to contact any of the above
to check their veracity, or would like to have a copy of any of
the letters they have sent me, again, to verify the truth of the
above information regarding the recognition I have received over
the years... just ask for any particular ones on the list, and I
will send them to you post free. 

3) Mr Williams reports: 

"I have found very few readings of interest since I have owned
the device. And I want to find odd readings as well, to try and
establish a clear causative link." 

It is a little contradictory to learn that although for some
reason Mr Williams thinks that the TriField meter is "a toy", he
has actually been using it to detect fields. However, a certain
level of training and technical/scientific understanding is
needed to use any field meter correctly, and it may be this that
is lacking in Mr Williams' use of the TriField. Also, it is
quite clear that he does not really want to find any unusual
field readings as this begins to support my case. So with this
pre-held bias, it really is not surprising that he reports that
he has not detected anything unusual. 

Otherwise, his statements are very vague, and without knowing
what it is that he is doing with the meter, it is difficult to
comment or advise him. Is he aware for example, that these
environmental fields are time-varying? That is to say that
sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not; they are
rarely constant. It is no good just visiting a "haunted" room
once, wave the meter about a bit, and if nothing registers
conclude that the location is not an EM hot spot. However, you
do not seem to have grasped Mr Williams, that the presence of a
hot spot in a case is a necessary, but not a sufficient
condition, as far as evidence goes. 


I can also refer you to others, who are either professors or
have doctorates, who have stated in writing to me how they
accept and endorse the Electromagnetic Pollution Approach. In
some cases, scientists or psychologists have found the  whole
aspect of what I have discovered, a very fascinating
breakthrough, because they themselves had previously worked on
the same phenomena, are extremely familiar with them, but failed
to discover the things I did. (e.g. Professor Kenneth Ring
(psychology) who did find the incidence of electrical
hypersensitivity in all of his "abductee" subjects many years
before me, but did not link it with EM pollution in any way) 


Then there are the letters from those who have in the past or
are currently experiencing "alien abductions/visitations"
themselves on an episodic basis, who have reported in their
letters to me how they recognised themselves after reading about
the personal histories and symptomatic parameters predicted in
my books. These people are usually totally relieved that someone
has finally found out what it is that has been weirdly shaping
their lives for decades, in some  cases bringing them close to
suicide at times. 

To begin with then, just for Mr Williams' benefit, I will list
their names and some details about them, and if he wishes to
contact any of them personally to check up on their
authenticity, I will then supply him with their addresses and/or
telephone numbers at his request, (and their permission) as long
as he assures me that he will not be offensive to them in any
way because their opinions differ radically from his own, and
that he will sign a legal declaration to ensure the
confidentiality of experiencers, so that their privacy is not
breached. In some cases this may not be required, as some
"abductees" are now quite open about their experiences, now that
they know what it is that is causing them. 

I can also send him copies of the letters sent to me from
scientific researchers, professors, other academics and
specialists in the same or similar fields of research who have
written to congratulate me or to tell me how much of a
breakthrough my approach represents. These options are all open
to Mr Williams. 

Mr Williams seems to think that carrying out a complete
field-survey (called a dosimetric survey) in order to detect EM
hot spots is simpler than it really is. In actual fact, in many
cases, the source of the environmental EM fields irradiating the
home of the experiencer is frequently so obvious and blatant,
that it is hardly necessary to carry out a full dosimetric
survey to know that the location is a hot spot and has been
irradiated on a long-term basis. However, a spectrum analyser is
the ideal instrument for such a survey. 

Albert Budden.

--[end of part 1/2]-----

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