Mysterylights Group Message 0070

Subject: Re: Albert Budden
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 21 Jan 2002 22:53

Hey Frits.

The answers <if he had them, which I seriously doubt> would have 
taken him about an hour to write.
My belief is that he will "forget" to answer you.
You never replied to my e mail.
I waited over 40 days for him to reply.
This site`s chat group is DEAD so I wont be back.
Thanks for trying for me.
Now you know why I was not convinced with his reductionistic beliefs.

all the best


> I happened to receive a telephone call from Albert Budden
> himself today and I told him about your critisism, which seems
> to boil down to below points. Budden would like to react to
> relevant remarks of yours. I'll forward below list to him. I've
> added a new numbering and removed personal remarks of yours that
> I deemed irrelevant and also one that was a misrepresentation
> of my views.
> This procedure may take a while, since Budden will send his
> reply to me by snail-mail. I'll then forward it to this list.
> Cheers,
> Frits
> On 5th December 2001, "Mike Williams" <ozestrange@h...> wrote:
>   >1/The TriField device he uses is a toy.
>   >2/No one else has ever found the consistent readings he seems 
>   >find everywhere. If there exists someone please tell me.
>   >3/I have found very few readings of interest since i I have 
>   >the device.And I want to find odd readings as well, to try and 
>   >establish a clear causative link.
>   >4/Budden seems to believe his hypothesis covers ALL paranormal 
>   >claims.But his parameters are to large. They have to be 
>   >ie Popper/Kuhn.
>   >5/Please tell me a black and white way of proving/testing etc 
>   >whether Buddens ideas are applicable in ALL cases.And how to 
>   >the idea/hypothesis.Because if you cannot falsify it/then it 
isnt a 
>   >theory worth anything.
>   >6/Budden implies that ALL paranormal events are.. 
>   >mag change=neurological change=paranormal claims.
>   >A more realistic belief might be..
>   >Some paranormal events may cause field changes=neurological 
>   >change=paranormal claims.

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