Mysterylights Group Message 0064

Subject: Re: Albert Budden
From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
Date: 04 Dec 2001 13:22

On 1st December 2001, "Mike Williams" <ozestrange@...> wrote:

  >I found his books interesting.Its just that because his
  >GUT,Grand unified Theory ideas were not correct in all cases.

I merely found a series of theories for different unexplained
phenomena in his books, Mike. (And yes, I have read them ;-)
These theories have a common ingredient: electromagnetic
radiation. I wouldn't call this a GUT. 

I agree that some of Budden's theories are stronger than others.
I found all of them very refreshing because finally some
scientific light was shed on phenomena that often were complete
mysteries. IMO, all of Budden's theories are an incentive for
further research into effects of electromagnetism.

  >His equipment couldnt do what he claimed it could. 

If you'd provide a source for your above claim, it might be
taken seriously. Budden's equipment consists mainly of
Alphalab's TriField meter ( ). There's
nothing wrong with it. I've been using it for about a year now
and I can assure you that it detects magnetic and electric
fields very well.

  > I have never found/heard of, the type of readings , 
  > that he nearlyalways found. 

I suppose that this is because, until recently, most
investigators were unaware of the electromagnetic connection and
therefore weren't using field strength meters and magnetometers.

Generally, criticism of Budden's work would be much more
convincing if critics would come up with verifiable facts and/or
other research that would refute Budden's theories. That's the
way science works. So far I haven't seen much of that, which is
in sharp contrast to Budden, who does provide verifiable facts
and third party's research for his claims and theories. 


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