Mysterylights Group Message 0062

Subject: Re: Albert Budden
From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
Date: 29 Nov 2001 19:04

On 28th November 2001, "Mike Williams" <ozestrange@...> wrote:

  >everyone has a belief system. : ) His is an electromagnetic
  >one. and its effects on humans.

Budden presented evidence that he found for an electromagnetic
background to a number of strange phenomena. I know Budden
personally. He started off as a UFO researcher and wasn't
expecting that his investigations would eventually lead him into
electromagnetics and neurology. The facts presented to him
during his investigations, indicated that there appeared to be
an electromagnetic and/or neurologic connection. It wasn't his
preconceived intention to find the electromagnetic connection.
IMO, really no belief system at work here.

  >Interesting book. I have it in front of me.  : ). I have
  >quoted some of his comments in the file section. I cannot
  >find anything like what you are suggesting in the book.
  >Please tell me the exact pages you are quoting from. ! I look
  >forward to the quotes.

I wasn't suggesting anything in my previous mail and I wasn't
quoting from Electric UFOs. You were suggesting that Budden's
opinion was that reports were meaningless. I've explained that
Budden didn't write that. My personal opinion is that the
electromagnetic connection makes reports more meaningful.


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