Mysterylights Group Message 0055

Subject: Re: Albert Budden
From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
Date: 27 Nov 2001 17:17

On 27th November 2001, "Mike Williams" <ozestrange@...> wrote:

  >Albert Budden is a sceptic who believes that all paranormal
  >reports/experiences are due to 1/electromagnetic pollution
  >2/electromagnetic sensitivity problems. ie , all reports are
  >meaningless . 

Have you actually read Budden's books? Budden has never claimed
that all reports are meaningless, nor is he working from a
belief system. He spent 15 years on research and found evidence
(largely from existing scientific research) that a number of
unexplained phenomena appear to have an electromagnetic
background. I'd say that this makes the reports _more_


Some may have noticed that Albert Budden's book "Electric UFOs -
fireballs, electromagnetics and abnormal states" is out of print.
This book is the digest of 15 years of his research.

I received word that there is a book/electronics shop in
Blackpool, UK, that has around 100 copies of "Electric UFOs" in

157 Dickson Road
Lancs. FY1 2EU
England, UK


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