Mysterylights Group Message 0054

Subject: help about ORBs
From: "TUVPO" <andromeda@...>
Date: 27 Nov 2001 16:09

I'm searching  some information for my new scientific paper about  ORB's
if possible ,if you have ,please send me these informations 

-do you have any ORB images taken from analog camera ?
-Do you have any ORB images taken without Flash
-Do you have any ORB images taken sunlight

=DDf you have any ORB image taken by you please send via e-mail (full size)=
 including following information:

camera:(full description)
zoom factor:
f factor:
image playback count:
memory card :
Camera images download hardware:
flash mode:
image manipulation software:

Best Regards.
Erol Erkmen
Colour Reproduction Engineer
TUVPO chairman 

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