Mysterylights Group Message 0052

Subject: "real" orbs !
From: "Mike Williams" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 27 Nov 2001 11:25


> Has anyone had experience with the orbs that can show up on camera 
but> are not seen with the naked eye?

Yes.But, know one really knows what "real" orbs are.
The majority have been captured on digi stills.
The problems being,dust/pollen/moisture etc lead to fake orbs shots.
After kicking up some dust, we have experimented with a digi 
camera,next to a film camera.
The digi camera had heaps of "orbs", which were dust particles, 
whilst the film frames had none.
ccd technology,thats why its used in space photography,enhances small 
point sources of light. 
I have video taped orbs using ired video as well.They nearly always 
moved in parabolic type arcs.I have no idea why.


> Thanks
> CW

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