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Subject: Fw: TUVPO News
From: "Sam Wright" <spw@...>
Date: 25 Nov 2001 21:23

Some interesting links from thru TUVPO.=20 

The implant that is removed from the ladies arm is less than half the size =
of the object that came out of the right side of my nose in 1954 while on a=
 fishing trip in Alaska.            Sam
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Subject: TUVPO News

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News Items: 

  a.. UFOs reported in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia Wiscon=
sin, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon/Washington, California, Canada=
, Argentina, and Chili.

  b.. UFO photographed in Turkey

  c.. Startling New Leir Implant Removal

  d.. Arizona State University researchers set criteria for recognizing ext=
raterrestrial life

  e.. Eyewitness Account Of Crop Circle Being Formed In The Netherlands

TUVPO -T=FCrkiye UFO ve Paranormal Olaylar Ara=FEt=FDrma Organizasyonu/Turk=
ish UFO&Paranormal Events Research Org.

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