Mysterylights Group Message 0047

Subject: Re: Hello...New member to group looking for information.
From: harriseaniii@...
Date: 27 Oct 2001 04:35

THanx man!!!

--- In mysterylights@y..., Brent Cater <bcater@r...> wrote:
> Rob,
> May I suggest that you track down a copy of a videotape called:
> THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE ROAD.  It was produced by Ted Phillips 
> John Carpenter in '97.  Like you,  Mr. Phillips was also searching 
> scientific answers regarding the Joplin (aka Hornet) Spooklight and 
> telescopes, a CCD camera, videotape, and 35MM cameras in his
> investigation.
> Good luck in your research.
> Regards,
> Brent Cater

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