Mysterylights Group Message 0044

Subject: Hello...New member to group looking for information.
From: harriseaniii@...
Date: 27 Oct 2001 03:52

Hello everybody,
      My name is Rob. I am very interested in any and all ghostly 
phenomena, but esp. the Hornet Spooklight. I have visited the 
Spooklight area once about a year ago. I plan to go back on Nov. 3. I 
am interested in any and all past investigations and specifically 
what they tested for and why they tested for these things. I am also 
interested in investigating the Spooklight as scientifically as a non-
scientist can. I did see it for an extended amount of time last year. 
It is very interesting. I'm not saying it isn't something explainable 
but I can think of nothing explainable it could be. I know this 
letter is not that professional and I hope I'm not breaking the rules 
of posting but I think this fits in good enough, if not, I'm sorry. 
Any and all information is appreciated. Thanx in advance.


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