Mysterylights Group Message 0039

Subject: Update: Guide/ALP/Edits
From: "Sean B. Palmer" <sean@...>
Date: 7 Sep 2001 16:24

A couple of new publications:-
- Guide To Observing Earth Lights & ALP

This is just an re-write of something that I wrote ages ago but didn't
bother to public: some general hints and tips to observing anomalous
luminous phenomena. Additions, corrections, and comments are most welcome.
- The Difference Between "Earth Lights" and "ALP"

This page is the result of a query I had as to the definitions of "earth
lights" and "ALP", and the fact that the term "earth lights" ties the site
to a particular theory about the phenomenon rather than remaining neutral
on the subject. I agree that the term "earth lights" is tied to one
particular theory, but at no time do I mention that this is the only
theory... moreover, I feel that if I started to change the terminology used
in the site from "earth lights" to "ALP", it may cause more confusion than
it's worth. In any case, the term "ALP" is much to broad to describe the
phenomena that appears to cover the general "earth light" and "ball
lightning" categories. I am convinced that the mechansisms for these
phenomena are similar enough to warrant a new category of lights, and that
this is what I should use for the site. However, it's very difficult trying
to come up with such a name!

I'd like to come up with a name that is not tied to location (e.g.
"Hessdalsphenomenon"), theory ("earth lights", "ball lightning"), folklore
and mystery ("spooklights", "ghost lights") or anything else. It needs to
be tied more to the characteristics of the lights themselves... well,
they're spheres, they give off light... anything else? :-) I think that the
term "earth lights" is just fine for now.

Other update: we also have a new site introductory image (of ALP rather
than an aurora this time, notes at [1]). I've also made some minor edits to
the links section, and a couple of other pages that needed updating.



Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer

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