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Number of formations: UK: 99 Worldwide: 165
By Country: 4.ya 2.po
31 August 2001: It's amusing to see crop circle sites buckling under the pr=
essure of excessive traffic due to the massive public interest generated by=
 the recent batch of crop circles here in the UK. I think it would be fair =
to say that interest in the phenomenon is currently on a par with or even e=
xceeding levels reached back in the early 1990's, when crop circles first c=
rossed over into the mainstream media. First buckle=
d due to the wave of interest sparked by the spectacular Milk Hill formatio=
n, eliciting a begging letter along the lines of "send more money, the serv=
er buckled!" or some such, and now tech whizz Paul Vigay's cropcircleresear= has also succumbed to public interest "due to excessive traffic, thi=
s site is temporarily unavailable". I'm sure viewers will be glad to hear t=
hat we have enough friends in high places and bandwidth to ensure we stay o=
nline 24/7... finger's crossed!

30 August 2001: More coverage on Art Bell's radio show. Richard Hoagland wa=
s back on Wednesday night proffering recent "research" into the "Arecibo Re=
ply" from Colin Andrews, Paul Vigay and himself. Art called it "the biggest=
 story this year in the paranormal community". 
One of Art's listeners suggested that he "get a bunch of "students" to try =
and reproduce the formation at night" his reply "that's a good idea, I don'=
t think they can". I know we can, so if Art want's to find us a field... 
Online broadcaster have penned an article entitled "Excitement Over=
 Latest Crop Circles" about the "Arecibo Reply" formation which includes co=
mments from circlemaker John Lundberg. 
28 August 2001:Todays Daily Mail newspaper here in the UK carries a full pa=
ge report on the "Arecibo Reply" formation. The hav=
e some great aerial footage of the formation. 

Photos: Peter Sorenson
After being inundated with enquiries about the "Arecibo Reply" formation wh=
ich recently appeared next to the Chibolton radio telescope in Hampshire, S=
eth Shostak from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) instit=
ute - who sent the original Arecibo message back in 1974 - has posted a sta=
tement titled "Is the Latest Crop Circle a Message from E.T?" about the for=
mation on the website. Unfortunately, uninformed statements such a=
s there have only been "160" formations over the past ten years - it's actu=
ally up in the 1000s - detract from his argument, none the less, it's still=
 interesting reading. Seth also spoke about the formation along with Richar=
d Hoagland and Michael Glickman - who also spoke at length about the Milk H=
ill formation - on last nights Art Bell radio show. Quote from Seth "I admi=
re these people who make the crop circles", thanks Seth! 
Slow on the uptake, the mainstream media are now starting to show interest =
in the "Arecibo Reply" formation. In the US Linda Howe appeared on "The O'R=
eilley Factor" on the Fox News network yesterday. 
The Independent newspaper here in the UK recently ran an intriguing article=
 called "Crop circles - something else the Chinese had first " about the re=
cent discovery of what are described as a series 2500 year old crop circles=
 in China! 
27 August 2001: On the surface the "Arecibo Reply" formations seems unprece=
dented, but if we take a closer look there are indeed two formations that h=
ave also appeared this year that can be seen - in retrospect - as precursor=
s to the formation. Paul Vigay has written a very thorough analysis of the =
"Arecibo Reply" formation based on a recent site visit. If somewhat breathl=
essly titled "World Exclusive - Arecibo crop formation decoded!" the articl=
e does a great job of interpreting the data encoded into the formation. Pau=
l writes of the original Arecibo message "The message was actually transmit=
ted on November 16th 1974 and consisted of 1679 pulses of binary code... Th=
e reason for this is down to mathematics. 1679 is the unique product of two=
 prime numbers; 23 and 73. Any sufficiently intelligent lifeform would no d=
oubt look for unique, universal constructs - such as prime numbers". As yet=
, nobody has been able to make any links between the "Arecibo Reply" format=
ion and the earlier Milk Hill formation, in keeping with Paul's breathless =
style I'll call the following text "World Exclusive - Arecibo Reply and Mil=
k Hill formations linked!". On the surface the formations seem worlds apart=
 and this may well be so from a pictorial point of view, but, if we take a =
look at the mathematics underpinning both formations there is a link, prime=
 numbers, the Milk Hill formation consists of 409 circles, another prime! 
Next, casting our eye over to the second element of the "Arecibo Reply" the=
 face, many observers have described the image as a pixel grid. In fact the=
 image is made up of a grid of circles - or dots - of varying sizes, so thi=
s a halftone dot screen like those used in newspaper images and not a pixel=
 grid. Again, if we look back to a formation that was discovered at All Can=
nings in Wiltshire on 30th June this year (see diagram right) we find what =
is undoubtably another halftone dot screen! Food for thought and you heard =
it here first, although I doubt many "researchers" will acknowledge that fa=
26 August 2001: Another day, another Art Bell radio show dedicated to crop =
circles! Once again, on Friday night Richard Hoagland joined Art to discuss=
 the "Arecibo Reply" formation which appeared recently at the Chibolton rad=
io telescope in Hampshire (note: the formation has now been cut out by the =
farmer so don't bother heading out to view it). 
24 August 2001: Art Bell just can't get enough of crop circles this week. A=
fter the Wednesday night programme which dedicated an hour of his US radio =
show to the spectacular Milk Hill formation he followed it up last night wi=
th another hour featuring Richard "Face of Mars" Hoagland talking about the=
 "Arecibo Reply" formation. Choice quote, Art's reaction to the formation "=
Holy CRAP!!!!". 
Arecibo Reply: Perfectly timed to coincide with media interest in the crop =
circle phenomenon reaching levels unseen since it first broke into the main=
stream back in the early 1990's, was the discovery on Sunday 19th August of=
 the "Arecibo Reply" formation at the Chibolton radio telescope in Hampshir=
e, a location which has been host to several impressive formations over the=
 years. On 16th November 1974, at ceremonies to inaugurate a set of upgrade=
s to the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico (see pic below right), scie=
ntists transmitted a brief, simple message (pictured below right) in the di=
rection of the cluster M13, some 25,000 light-years from the Earth. The mes=
sage was part of Frank Drakes Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SET=
I) project. Interestingly at its base the "Arecibo Reply" incorporates both=
 the motif of a crop circle that appeared at the exact same location last y=
ear (see pic below left) and the archetypal grey alien motif. We'll leave i=
t up to you and the crop circle "researchers" to decipher the rest of the f=
ormation. Why not start by playing spot the difference between the right an=
d left hand images below. 

23 August 2001: Press coverage of the Milk Hill formation continues unabate=
d and is now spreading across the globe. We've given up trying to document =
all the coverage but here are a few highlights. CNN in the US ran an item a=
bout the formation, Fuji TV in Japan, ABC TV in Australia, ABC Radio breakf=
ast show in Australia, Channel 4 TV's Big Breakfast in the UK, ITV's GMTV i=
n the UK, Der Spiegel newspaper in Germany and not to be outdone, Art Bell'=
s national radio show in the US dedicated an hour to the formation last nig=
ht, with contributions from US researcher Linda Moulton Howe, UK researcher=
 Lucy Prinlge and German researcher Andreas M=FCller. They repeated the mem=
e about us creating the formation but this time added the extra twist of in=
ferring it was commissioned by Disney for M Night Shyamalan's upcoming crop=
 circle movie "Signs". Oh, Art also nicked my "my brain hurts" quote! (see =
20 August 2001: Coverage of the spectacular Milk Hill formation continues t=
his week with a very positive article in today's Daily Mail newspaper spann=
ing 2 pages and for those in London, there is also an article in Metro whic=
h can be picked up at most tube stations. The formation was also covered on=
 BBC Radio 2 at the weekend and was also featured on the national BBC TV ne=
ws at 6pm here in the UK with the item inferring that the formation was too=
 vast and complex to be man made. ITN Channel 5 news at 7:30pm featured the=
 formation, with a very positive spin and some great lingering footage of t=
he formation which illustrated just how huge it really is. Not to be left o=
ut the ITV News at Ten also ran a feature on the formation which had a brie=
f interview with the musician and millionaire Reg Presley. Again they showe=
d spectacular aerial footage of the formation. 
18 August 2001: It's now a week since the spectacular Milk Hill formation w=
as discovered and the UK media have smelt the coffee and are now starting t=
o run articles about this unprecedented formation. UK press agency ananova.=
com have run two articles about this years crop circles. The first is about=
 the Milk Hill formation entitled "Largest and most complex crop circle eve=
r". The second article also mentions the Milk Hill formation and is sourced=
 from an earlier report from BBC Online (see below). 
BBC Online have published an article about the crop circle phenomenon which=
 includes the Milk Hill formation. In it local farmer Tim Carson talks abou=
t the formation describing it as "something that defies belief." 
HTV ran the first TV news report about the Milk Hill formation which was br=
oadcast here in the UK. The item also had footage of the formation we recen=
tly created for HTV which will be included in their upcoming 30 minute docu=
mentary about the crop circle phenomenon as well as footage of us creating =
the formation. 
Bill Holive, a crop circle enthusiast from the states is so impressed with =
the Milk Hill design that he's having it tattooed right across his back! Wi=
ll it fit I ask myself... 

17 August 2001: Awe inspiring, jaw dropping, mind warping, incomprehensible=
, bloody huge, are a few phrases that come to mind when viewing this years =
"finale" formation which was discovered on top of Milk Hill in Wiltshire ab=
ove the White Horse on 13th August. It's difficult to take on board the she=
er scale and complexity of this formation it spans ten tram lines and if yo=
u walked from one side of the formation to the other you would have covered=
 approaching 1500ft! Compare that to the average diameter of formations thi=
s year which is approx 200ft. There are over 400 circles incorporated into =
the design a record amount dwarfing all previous formation. The formation h=
as already been variously described as "Utterly AWESOME" by american radio =
talk show host Jeff Rense, as the "greatest formation to form in the entire=
 world" by crop circle researcher Stuart Dike, as "the mother and father of=
 all crop circles" by crop circle researcher Charles Mallett, as "the pinna=
cle, the very epitome of perfection, the paragon of all circles" by Mark Fu=
ssell from the crop circle connector website, who goes on to say "there are=
 not enough words in the English vocabulary to describe how amazing this cr=
op circle is". Everyone is saying this feat is beyond human ability. This i=
s an unprecedented formation and definitely one for the history books and I=
 don't think it's an overstatement to describe it as truly paradigm shiftin=
g. You can view some great aerial footage of the formation at the cropcircl= 
Here's something to ponder, if this formation was man made allowing for tim=
e to get into and out of the field under cover of darkness the construction=
 time left should be around four hours. Given that there are over 400 circl=
es some of which span approx 70ft in diameter that would mean that one of t=
hose circles would need to be created every 30 seconds and that's not even =
allowing any time for the surveying, purely flattening, this formation push=
es the envelope and that's a MASSIVE understatement... my brain hurts! 
To give you some idea of the scale of the formation pictured right is an en=
larged detail of the above photo showing just the center of the formation, =
we've ringed the area to indicate where someone is standing, you can barely=
 see them, now can you see how massive the formation is!!! 
Photo credit: Steve Alexander. 
14 August 2001: Below are a selection of formations that have appeared acro=
ss Southern England over the past couple of months, as well as a diagram of=
 a formation that was destroyed:

Photos: Nick Nicholson,, Steve Alexander.
19 June 2001: There are now fourteen formations on the ground in the UK wit=
h the discovery of a new formation at Liddington Castle in Wiltshire close =
to the M4 motorway. The formation is in barley and depicts a checkerboard s=
phere surrounded by a snake swallowing its tail. It was discovered on 17th =
June. There's also a formation at Winter's Down, nr Corhampton, Hampshire w=
hich was reported on 18th June and is described as a wheel divided into eig=
ht segments with a large grapeshot nearby. It's the first formation of the =
year to appear in wheat.
10 June 2001: There are now eleven formations on the ground in the UK with =
the discovery of two minor formations in the Avebury area of Wiltshire and =
a real jaw dropper at Berwick Basset in Wiltshire (pictured right) discover=
ed on Saturday June 9th. The Berwick Bassett formation is in barley and dep=
icts a twisted triangular vortex consisting of fifteen curved wedges. The f=
ormation seems to be of the same family of many of last years optical illus=
ion formations. You can view aerial footage of this stunning formation at t=
he website.
6 June 2001:There are now eight formations on the ground in the UK. Two sim=
ple rape formations were discovered on May 30th at Honey Street near Alton =
Barnes in Wiltshire. The second formation to appear in barley was discovere=
d on 3rd June at Wakerley Woods, Northamptonshire. The design is approximat=
ely 200ft in diameter and is too complex to discern form the ground. German=
y's fourth crop circle appeared at Hessen near Zierenberg (pictured right) =
which is now the epicenter of crop circle activity in Germany. The formatio=
n is the first to appear in barley in Germany this year and is an appealing=
 six-fold flower formation. 
2 June 2001: We've received a report of a formation in Yugoslavia! It's loc=
ated in the Sombar region to the north of the country. It's estimated that =
the large circle is 150ft in diameter which would make the formation about =
300ft in length. It's interesting to note that the main circle has a standi=
ng center. The design is quite crude but it is reminiscent of the 'Snail' f=
ormation that appeared in the East Field at Alton Barnes in Wiltshire back =
in the early 90's. As far as we know this is the first crop circle formatio=
n to appear in Yugoslavia. We don't know what crop the formation is in but =
it looks like barley. The formation was discovered on May 30th. Thanks to R=
adoslav for the report and photo.
29 May 2001: England's fourth and fifth crop circles were discovered at Peg=
sdon in Hertfordshire on 28th May and Barbury Castle in Wiltshire (pictured=
 right) on 27th May. The Pegsdon formation is in oil seed rape with the for=
mation being described as resembling a scarab beetle and sun. The Barbury C=
astle formation is the first to appear in barley this year, spans 150ft and=
 is the most complex formation to appear so far. The design - reminiscent o=
f last years east field formation - consists of a flattened circle with a s=
tanding triangle dissected by three circles and three semi-circles with a f=
urther flattened circle at the formations center.
Germany's second rape formation was discovered on May 24th in Zierenberg, w=
hich is fast becoming Germany's crop circle heartland, akin to Wiltshire in=
 the England. The formation is a variation on the Ying/Yang symbol looking =
as if the two halves have been pulled apart (pictured right). There was als=
o a report of a formation discovered on 24th May in Zierenberg next to the =
earlier oil seed rape formation. The formation was in long grass and was de=
scribed as having a wavy line motif which has been a common thread in many =
of the formations to have appeared in this area over the years. Unfortunate=
ly the formation was mowed out of the field almost immediately.
25 MAY 2001: With Foot and Mouth now seemingly under control - as of 25th M=
ay - both Wiltshire County Council and Hampshire County Council have decide=
d to open up public rights of way across the crop circle territories of Wil=
tshire and Hampshire. Check out the Wiltshire County Council website - and =
note the photo in the top right of the page! - and the Hampshire County Cou=
ncil site for more info. Coinciding with the lifting of restrictions is the=
 appearance of Wiltshire's first crop circle below the Pewsey White Horse. =
It was discovered on the 25th May 2001 and is a simple circle about 50ft in=
 diameter with a smaller grapeshot circle next to it in oil seed rape. 
22 MAY 2001: England's second crop circle was discovered on Saturday 19th M=
ay at Herne Airport near Bournemouth in Dorset. The local paper 'The Daily =
Echo' published an aerial photo of the formation on 22nd May. The formation=
 is located at the end of the Herne Airport runway. The crop circle (pictur=
ed right) is a seven-fold spoked wheel formation with a central ring and ap=
peared in oil seed rape. It's approximately 200ft in diameter. 
16 MAY 2001: Crop circle enthusiasts around the world can breathe a collect=
ive sigh of relief as the spell of the much predicted barren UK crop circle=
 season because of the Foot and Mouth outbreak has been broken with the app=
earance of the first UK formation in rape at Old Winchester Hill, Nr Warnfo=
rd in Hampshire. The formation which consists of a circle containing severa=
l rings was discovered on 13th May. 
Photos (from top down) courtesy:, Frank Laumen, Pre=
drag Curcija, Peter Sorenson, Frank Laumen, Peter Sorenson, Bournemouth Dai=
ly Echo, David Russell.
Diagram: Kassel, courtesy Andreas M=FCller
15 MAY 2001: Well, with all the paranoia surrounding the foot and mouth dis=
ease that has spread itself across the UK landscape and its possible effect=
 on the 2001 crop circle season it seems somewhat fitting that the first fo=
rmation of the year should arrive outside of the UK, in Germany. It's inter=
esting to note that because we've had the wettest winter on record the sowi=
ng of crops was delayed by a month so regardless of foot and mouth we were =
always going to have a late start to the 2001 season. The rape is now in fl=
ower across the UK and we will no doubt start to see circles in the fields =
of england in the very near future. 
The formation below was discovered on May 13th 2001, in a field of oilseed =
rape just outside Zierenberg near Kassel in Germany. The formation is an el=
aborate six-fold flower design and is probably the most complex formation t=
o appear in oil seed rape to date. It's approximately 90ft in diameter. 
More information at: and 

[ Image courtesy Frank Laumen ] 


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