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Subject: Re: Spooklights Where to Find Them - Page One
From: "Ray Schmitt" <rschmitt@...>
Date: 30 Aug 2001 09:07


I have been receiving messages from your group but have not received any
replies to some of my questions.  Please take a look at my film website and
the press releases and Forum page which have spawned a number of replies
regarding sightings of strange phenomena out here in the Lost River Valley
of West Virginia.  While my film is losely based on "The Lights", people
have been coming out of the woodwork with things they have seen.  I even saw
strange blue/white lights myself.  Any help in explaining to people what we
might be seeing will be appreciated.

Ray Schmitt
Producer:  "The Lights"

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> Heh, interesting little page. Appears to closely mirror my own sites page
> [1], but it is clear that the author has done his own extensive research,
> so that's cool. It's quite a good reference.
> It's true that these locations are all good places from which to observe
> the lights, but it should be noted that many such sighting are sporadic,
> and don't appear to be explicitly linked to the landscape. Of course,
> that's something which is difficult to measure quantitatively, but it
> appears to be backed up by a range of anecdotal evidence.
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> [1]
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