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Subject: Re: Orbs
From: "Sam Wright" <spw@...>
Date: 5 Aug 2001 19:52

Could you send me the name(s) of the earth lights books by Paul Devereux ?
I, along with a number of my friends are interested in earth lights.  There
is an earth light site about 25 miles from where I live called the Dover
Lights.  Indian lore tells of these lights when the Spanish were searching
for silver and gold.    Sam Wright        spw@...
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Subject: Re: [mysterylights] Orbs

> Hello Carroll,
> On 1st August 2001, carroll watts <wildfarm@...> wrote:
>   >I am a member of MUFON and have been since shortly after my
>   >son and I had a UFO fly directly overhead during the early
>   >seventies while on a duck hunt. This craft was less than five
>   >hundred feet away and absolutely noiseless.  I have been a
>   >believer ever since.
>   >My son sent an e-mail about the orbs.  He has an aquaintance
>   >who has had orbs show up in photos of him taken by his wife.
> Did she see the orbs in the sky when she took the photograph?
> Or do they just show up on the photo?
>   >They never appear in photos of his wife.  I contacted a
>   >member of MUFON who has had a lot of paranormal experience
>   >and she says some people are orb attractors and some are not.
> Possibly. We have a simlilar impression, though I'd formulate it
> differently: We have the impression that some people are able to see
> things in the sky which others can't. You could call it a special talent.
> The British UFO researcher Albert Budden has described how such a talent
> could develop.
>   >She also told me that this type orb is believed to be energy
>   >left by someone deceased.  I asked her if old home places
>   >were good spots to try photographing orbs.  She said yes but
>   >old graveyards are better and the best luck she has heard of
>   >was the scene of an auto accident where people are killed but
>   >she could not bring herself to do this.  They seem to show up
>   >best where there was a violent death.  I have no experience
>   >in this but I do know of a few old homesites and cemetaries
>   >so I may give it a try.  This kind of stuff fascinates me and
>   >I don't disbelieve anything anymore.
> Twickel Watch is using scientific methods to get answers to questions. So
> far we haven't come across evidence that orbs or light phenomena are
> energies left by someone deseased. Do you know the Paul Devereux' books
> about earth lights? He has interesting ideas about the cause of so called
> earth lights.
> Best wishes,
> Frits Westra -- fwestra@...
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