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Subject: Re: Orbs
From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
Date: 04 Aug 2001 12:39

Hello Carroll,

On 1st August 2001, carroll watts <wildfarm@...> wrote:

  >I am a member of MUFON and have been since shortly after my
  >son and I had a UFO fly directly overhead during the early
  >seventies while on a duck hunt. This craft was less than five
  >hundred feet away and absolutely noiseless.  I have been a
  >believer ever since.

  >My son sent an e-mail about the orbs.  He has an aquaintance
  >who has had orbs show up in photos of him taken by his wife. 

Did she see the orbs in the sky when she took the photograph? 
Or do they just show up on the photo?

  >They never appear in photos of his wife.  I contacted a
  >member of MUFON who has had a lot of paranormal experience
  >and she says some people are orb attractors and some are not. 

Possibly. We have a simlilar impression, though I'd formulate it
differently: We have the impression that some people are able to see
things in the sky which others can't. You could call it a special talent.
The British UFO researcher Albert Budden has described how such a talent
could develop.

  >She also told me that this type orb is believed to be energy
  >left by someone deceased.  I asked her if old home places
  >were good spots to try photographing orbs.  She said yes but
  >old graveyards are better and the best luck she has heard of
  >was the scene of an auto accident where people are killed but
  >she could not bring herself to do this.  They seem to show up
  >best where there was a violent death.  I have no experience
  >in this but I do know of a few old homesites and cemetaries
  >so I may give it a try.  This kind of stuff fascinates me and
  >I don't disbelieve anything anymore.

Twickel Watch is using scientific methods to get answers to questions. So
far we haven't come across evidence that orbs or light phenomena are
energies left by someone deseased. Do you know the Paul Devereux' books
about earth lights? He has interesting ideas about the cause of so called
earth lights.

Best wishes,

Frits Westra -- fwestra@...

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