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Subject: Re: Orbs
From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
Date: 01 Aug 2001 22:39

On 1st August 2001, carroll watts <wildfarm@...> wrote:

  >Has anyone had experience with the orbs that can show up on
  >camera but are not seen with the naked eye?

Hello Carroll,

This is not a precise answer to your question, but I think it may be

In the fall of 1997, a number unidentified lights were sighted over a
rural area called "Twickel" in the east of the Netherlands. During this
"flap" the UFO Working Group Netherlands decided to established a study
group called Twickel Watch, of which I'm an investigator. Twickel Watch is
still active and is trying to find a satisfactory explanation for these
unidentified aerial light phenomena.

One of the eyewitnesses of the Twickel Lights is a police officer, who
became a member/observer of Twickel Watch. His name is I.T. 

IT patrols the Twickel area on a daily basis. He has had a number of
sightings of light phenomena (LP), while on patrol in the Twickel area.
During night-time operations against poaching he uses a night vision
monocular. Note: this is not an infrared viewer, but an opto-electronic
device that works as an image intensifier. Night vision monoculars are
also widely in use by the military and are known for the greenish images
they produce.

One night IT noticed, with the naked eye, a bright white, motionless, oval
shaped LP in the sky. He estimated that the distance between him and the
LP was four to five kilometers. After some seconds the LP suddenly went
out and wasn't visible anymore. Out of curiosity he took his night vision
monocular and trained it on the region in the sky where the LP had gone
out. To his astonishment the oval phenomenon appeared to be still there,
being visible only with the night vision monocular. After some seconds the
phenomenon suddenly illuminated, becoming bright white, and visible with
the naked eye again. Shortly after that, it's color changed into a very
deep red, and the LP shot straight up. According to IT, it was out of
sight within a second.

IT has had several other sightings of this kind. His observations seem
to indicate that LP, sighted from some distance, can sometimes change
into non- or dim-luminous phenomena and reverse.

Best wishes,

Frits Westra -- fwestra@...
Twickel Watch

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