Mysterylights Group Message 0018

Subject: Re: Minor Updates
From: Gregory Lynn <g.lynn@...>
Date: 26 Jun 2001 14:10

> Hi Sean and List,
> How are you doing Sean? Will be checking out your updates shortly. We've
> gotten some excellent video footage out here in Ontario Canada along
> with some great pics. I'm still going through these and will let you
> know when they are online. The videos were shot in both regular mode and
> night vision using zoom. Colours observed were green, white, amber, and
> red. The lights appeared to split and reform both with the naked eye and
> optical devices. Any questions? Speculation?

It sounds very much like a bright planet or star 'scintillating' due to 
atmospheric turbulence.  Where there any bright planets/stars in the vicinity? 
Mars is at opposition at the moment, and sounds like a good candidate.  It may 
also have been an effect due to a atmospheric temperature inversion-I have seen 
this condition used quite reasonably to explain quite a few 'UFO' sightings in 

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