Mysterylights Group Message 0004

Subject: Re: Update: New Mailing List!
From: "Sean B. Palmer" <sean@...>
Date: 28 Dec 2000 15:37

> You have a wonderful wealth of information on the mystery
> lights site.

Thank you!

> It is unbelievable how comparative our research is with your
> site and yet we have not read your site until recently.

That is one of the problems with ALP research - most researcers are
isolated due to the rarity of the subject. I'm sure that even I have only
come across 1-10% of the total ALP sites there are out there.
Case-in-point: your site. It's excellent, but I had never seen it until Sue
contacted me and told me about it.

Research carries on my end as well, but I am not fortunate enough to live
as close to an ALP area of interest as you do, so when you do your
investigations, think of me! I mainly collect and collate data from the
Web, and occasionally I get emails about ALP as well, which is quite a

Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer

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