Jon Mills wrote an interesting comparison between the erstwhile divergent kinds of Cornish revival:

Stephanie Preuitt a skrif And has there ever been a revival attempted on Cornish?

Eus! Yma dasvywnans krev ha bywek. Y'n jydh hedhyw yma arta fleghes a gows Kernewek avel mammyeth. Yma teyr furv Kernewek skrifys; Kernewek Kemmyn, Kernewek Unys ha Kernewek Nowydha.

Us! Yma dasvewnans cref ha bewek. Y'n jydh hedhyu yma arta fleghes a gows Kernewek avel mamyeth. Yma tyr furf Kernewek scryfys; Kernewek Kemyn, Kernewek Unys ha Kernewek Nowedha.

Eah! Ma thesorianz creav ha bewack. An journama ma arta flehaz cowz Curnoack vel damatavaz. Ma tayr roath Curnoack screffez; Curnoack Kebmen, Curnoack Unys ha Curnoack Nowedga.

(Yes! There is a strong and lively revival. Nowadays there are children who once again speak Cornish as a mother tongue. There are three forms of written Cornish; Common Cornish, Unified Cornish and Modern Cornish.

Nowadays, there's a strong unification project.