RSS 1.1 Applications

There are a number of tools which currently provide information in a variety of RSS formats, from RSS 1.0 to Atom. This page is a collection of server-software implementations that export RSS 1.1.


Wordpress uses separate files for each feed type that it exports. It then uses a central file to determine which feed is requested. This section contains information on how to modify your Wordpress files in a Wordpress 1.3 install to add support for RSS 1.1.

There are three files that need changing in order to fully support an RSS 1.1 feed while using the Wordpress permalinks support.

To make your Wordpress weblog export RSS 1.1, you will need to install the first two files, and modify the third. (The reason for this modification is to ensure that Wordpress changes will continue to apply in the future: Although the feed file is relatively stable, the classes file is not.)

If you are not using Wordpress's permalinks support, you can omit steps two and three from this list.

  1. Download updated versions of the wp-rss11.php and wp-feed.php files.
  2. Upload both of these files into the root of your Wordpress weblog. There will already be a wp-feed.php in place: you will need to replace it.
  3. Download the file wp-includes/classes.php and open it in a text editor. Search for "rdf": you will see a line like the following:

    $feedregex2 = '(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$'

    Modify this so it reads:

    $feedregex2 = '(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom|rss1.1)/?$'

    Once you have done this, upload the file into the location you downloaded it from.
  4. In the administration interface, open Options, then Permalinks. Follow the instructions to update your permalinks structure. Depending on your setup, this either involves you telling Wordpress to update these for you, or copying the given permalinks into a new .htaccess file.

Your RSS 1.1 feed will now be available at <>. If you have permalink support enabled, it will also be available at <>.

Movable Type

Movable Type uses a "templating" system to display content. There are a number of pre-included templates with Movable Type. It is also possible to create your own template in addition to the defaults.

To add an RSS 1.1 feed to your Movable Type based weblog, you will need to either edit an existing Template, or create a new one. This tutorial walks you through the steps of creating a new template for RSS 1.1.

  1. Login to your Movable Type install.
  2. Click "Templates" under the weblog you would like to add an RSS 1.1 Template to.
  3. Click "Create new index template", directly above the list of templates.
  4. Fill in the fields as you like them: For example, Template Name may be "RSS 1.1", Output File may be "rss11.rdf".
  5. Fill in the Template Body with the content below:
  6. Save the template, and click the "Rebuild this template" button.

Your template will now be available at the location you chose in the Output File.

Gallery is a web-based photo gallery.

Gallery 2

Support is currently in progress for RSS 1.1 in Gallery 2. It will be part of the RSS module which is currently under development, and will include additional data using EXIF from the images.

Gallery 1

Users of Gallery 1 using a version which supports RSS (1.4.4-cvs-bl142 or greater) can use an untested implementation of RSS support. Simply download the file, and copy it to rss11.php, after which you can visit <> for updates of your gallery items in RSS. This is experimental! It has not been tested, and may not be a validating feed. If you test this, please let us know so that we can confirm its functionality.


Steve Pomeroy has provided an RSS 1.1 module for Blosxom.

Christopher Schmidt