253. To Thomas Poole Address: Mr Thomas Poole | Nether Stowey | Bridgewa[ter] | Somerse[t] MS. British Museum. Pub. Letters, i. 258. Postmark: 17 September 1798. [ 15 September 1798] My very dear Poole We have arrived at Yarmouth 1 just time to be hurried into the packet -- and 4 or 5 letters of recommendation have been taken away from me, owing to their being wafered. -- Wedgewood's luckily were not. -I am on the point of leaving my native country for the first time -- a country, which, God Almighty knows, is dear to me above all things for the love I bear to you. -- Of many friends, whom I love and esteem, my head & heart have ever chosen you as the Friend -as the one being, in whom is involved the full & whole meaning of that sacred Title -- God love you, my dear Poole! and your faithful & most affectionate S. T. Coleridge P.S. -- We may be only 2 days, we may be a fortnight going -- the same of the pacquet that returns -- so do not let my poor Sara be alarmed, if she do not hear from me. -- I will write alternately to you & to her, twice every week, during my absence. -- May God preserve us & make us continue to be joy & comfort & wisdom & virtue to each other, my dear, dear Poole! --