503. To Francis Freeling 1 MS. Mr. Walter T. Spencer. Hitherto unpublished. Greta Hall, Keswick Friday Night, May 20, 1803 Sir In consequence of a request, expressed to me by Mr Stuart of the Morning Post Office, I take the Liberty of informing you, that my ____________________ 1 Francis Freeling ( 1764-1836), of the London Post Office. -945- paper, the Morning Post, did not arrive yesterday Afternoon -- the paper for Tuesday, May 17th I waited till this evening, in case two papers should come together, as they often do; but the paper for Wednesday, 18th, arrived by itself. It is very seldom, that for so many Days together my paper should have come so regularly as it has done for the last fortnight -- on an average of some months it has missed once a week. I am, / Sir, / with great respect, / Your ob. humb. Servant, S. T. Coleridge