501. To Mrs. Thomas Clarkson MS. Mr. Basil Cottle. Hitherto unpublished fragment. [ May 1803] 1 . . . exceedingly precious -- in a prudential as well as moral view. -I have not alluded to your dear Mother. On these occasions the impression on me is so nakedly an idealess feeling, that I have nothing to say save only that I feel. -- For you, and Mr Clarkson, and for all whose Happiness . . . . . . interruptions have thrown me so dreadfully behind hand. -Again & again may God bless & restore you! -- Your sincere Friend, S. T. Coleridge Mrs Coleridge joins in my anxious wishes for you. -P.S. I should greatly wish Mr C. to write to Kendal immediately to know, if any of the Schoolmen were in that Library -- speci . . . 2