497. To Mrs. S. T. Coleridge Address: Mrs . . . MS. Dove Cottage. Hitherto unpublished. The holograph of this letter contains only a portion of pages 8 and 4. The original hangs on the wall in Dove Cottage. Postmark: 24 March 1803. . . . If there should be War, I shall immediately come to Keswick -- & if there be any little things, you wish me to bring, write, & I will do it. Tell Wordsworth, that I have seen John 3 or 4 times -tho' he is so busy, that it has been only for an hour or less at a time. I had some notion that I should hear from them to day. Remember me affectionately to Mr Jackson and Mrs Wilson -and my love to Mary -- and make my best respects to Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, & Mr and Mrs Calvert -- and I remain with affectionate anxiety your's &c S. T. Coleridge ____________________ 1 T. Wedgwood finally left for France on 25 Mar. 1803, taking with him as a companion not Coleridge but T. R. Underwood. He returned to England on 16 May, just at the outbreak of war. Tom Wedgwood, 141. 2 Horace, Epis. 1. xi. 9. -939- [P.S.] . . . & drink beer. If you do not, leave off your Beer at Supper, and take instead, a glass of warm brandy and water -- not with your supper, nor immediately after, but just, as you are going to bed. -- Of what kind are the Dreams? I mean, are they accompanied with distinct bodily feelings -- whizzings up into the Head, fear of strangulation -- &c -- or simply great Fear from fearful Forms and Combinations -- or both at once? --