476. To Mrs. S. T. Coleridge Address: Mrs Coleridge, or Mr Jackson, | Greta Hall, | Keswick | Cumberland MS. Lord Latymer. Pub. E. L. G. i. 227. Postmark: 18 December 1802. Stamped: Narberth. Thursday Morning, 7 o/clock. Thursday, Dec. 16. 1802 Crescelly My dear Love I write with trembling -- at what time or in what state my Letter may find you, how can I tell? Small need is there for saying, how anxious I am, how full of terrors & prayers! -- I trust in God, that this Letter, which I write with a palpitating heart, you will read with a chearful one -- the new Baby at your breast. O may God Almighty preserve you! We leave this place in less than an hour -- our rout lies thro' St Clear's, Carmarthen, Llandilo, Llandovery, Trecastle, Brecon, Hay, Hereford, Worcester, Birmingham, Litchfield, Abbot's Bromley, Uttoxeter, Ashborn, New Inn, Buxton, Stockport, Manchester, Bolton, Preston, Garstang, Lancaster, Burton, Kendal, Ambleside, Keswick -- 346 miles. From Keswick I must go with T. Wedgewood. to Mr Clarkson's -- & so on to Luff's. I calculate that we shall not much exceed forty miles a day: & that we shall be at Ambleside, Thursday Evening, Dec. 23rd. ---Mrs Wilson will be so good, as to have a Fire kept in Peach's Parlour, & likewise in Peach's Bedroom / & great care taken, that the Bed & Bedding shall be thoroughly and thoroughly warmed, & air[ed]. I should think it would be advisable to order immediately a pair of best Blankets from Miss Crosthwaite's. ---- My dearest Love! T. W. will not stay above a day or two in Keswick -& for God's sake, do not let [him] be any weight or bustle on your mind -- let him be entirely Mr Jackson's Visitor -- & let a Girl from -898- the town come up for the time, he stays -- & Mrs J'Anson will probably accomodate you with a Fowl or two. -- But above all, Mr Jackson will be so good as immediately to write a Line, to be left for me at the Post Office, Kendal -- informing me, how you are -- and of all, I am to know. Any Letters, you may have written to Gunville, will be sent back again to Keswick. -- Mrs Wilson will be so good as to procure a pound or so of the best salt potted Butter -- which Mr T. Wedgewood likes. ---- Again & again, my dear Love! God bless you S. T. Coleridge If Mr Jackson open this, he will, I am sure, excuse the Liberty I take with him -- & accept of my best & kindest remembrances. And the same to dear Mrs Wilson. ---- I sent 50£, Monday before last.