472. To Mrs. S. T. Coleridge MS. Lord Latymer. Pub. E.L.G. i. 226. Crescelly, Dec. 5. 1802 My dearest Love I inclose a Draft for 50£; dated Monday, Decemb. 13th & payable two months after date. I would have you pay Miss Crosthwaite's Bill -- ordering in all you will want for the next month -- & so paying up for the whole year at once. Mr Jackson will be so good as to pay the Bill for you -- & indorse the Draft which I have drawn in his name. Whether you can likewise send 10£ to your Mother, you will see, after you have paid all that is needful or well to pay. J'Anson & the Carriers must be payed off hand. -- Be sure not to leave yourself with less than 10£, if possible -- & therefore as I would have you pay the Butcher & Flour Woman, you had better not think of your Mother. T. Wedgewood did not go to day to Treharn -- ; but I go with him tomorrow. -- As I must get up early, I must not write longer to keep myself awake. I have been listening to sweet Music till I am much effeminated, & if I were to indulge in any Thoughts respecting Keswick I should not close my eyes for hours. God bless -891- you, my dear Love! -- Don't you think, Crescelly Coleridge, would be a pretty name for a Boy? -- If a Girl, let it be Gretha Coleridgenot Greta -- but -- Gretha -- unless you prefer Rotha -- or Laura. What do you think of Bridget? -- Only it ought to end with a vowel. You may take your choice of Sara, Gretha, or rather Algretha, Rotha, Laura, Emily, or Lovenna. -- . The Boy must be either Bracey, or Crescelly. -- Algretha Coleridge will needs be a beautiful Girl. ---- God bless you, my dear Life [sic] -- & our sweet children -- & your affectionate Husband S. T. Coleridge For God's sake don't let the expence weigh with you about a Nurse. You ought to think of a Servant. I hope, Sara Hutchinson will be well enough to come in, while you are lying in / both she & Mary Wordsworth are good Nurses. ----